Entrepreneurs five strides from 0 to 1

if you have nothing but brains, passion and energy, you are eager to start your career as soon as possible. If you have a good idea in mind, then let’s follow the footsteps of the forerunner and see what path you will embark on.

, the first step: entrepreneurial ideas, purification,

maybe you mind have a vague idea, it may be the basis of your business ideas, but you still have to do a gold rush, from countless sand you want to extract gold, that is to say to the original idea of thinking, analysis, judgment, selection, enrichment, and ultimately the formation of business ideas mature.

second step: organize entrepreneurial team

as the saying goes, a fence of the three piles, one of three men to help, it wants to make up business cooperation in this age is neither possible nor necessary, therefore, you have to set up a high degree of identity, complementary advantages, consistent with the goal of the team, in the business on the road all together go hand in hand.

third step: draw up business plan

what does the entrepreneur lack most? Money and material resources, so you and your partner have to convince those who have the resources. How do you make others believe in your strength, you believe something is worth the investment? The first business plan, it is like a piece of astepping-stone to success, to help you at the door of success, to persuade others to give you investment. A good beginning is half the battle, and a business plan is the real first step.

fourth step: forming a company

when you have a mature entrepreneurial vision, a good team, enough investment, the next task is to form a company. You need to know the basic knowledge of law, industry and commerce, taxation, economics and management, and establish the company through statutory procedures, and enter the actual operation process.

fifth step: enterprise expansion

After a period of

operation, you will find many problems and begin to think more deeply. The task facing you is how to continue the development of the enterprise. You may refinance in a variety of ways, perhaps by strategic adjustment, by moving the enterprise to a new path, or by listing, and in a word, the question of redevelopment.

borrowed the word often said, "the future is bright, the road is tortuous, the road of entrepreneurship is not tough, the boundless plain, the entrepreneurs are far from the above text sour, sweet, bitter, hot, can describe. However, the so-called "A faint heart never Wine Fair Lady", we are not engaged in business, how can there be "fear clouds cover looking eyes, just because at the top of the" successful experience of


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