Chinese stationmaster you and should have a gold medal dream

introduction: when I was a freshman, I began to work there. It’s been a year and a half now. Thank you for your encouragement and support. Figure wangdage let us write soft and practical action to support us, he gave us is stationmaster net platform, thanks to figure wangdage! This article is a recent essay I hope our webmaster brothers after reading about their own feelings to a comment in support of the younger brother, indebted forever!

China Webmaster: "you and me" should have a gold medal dream

The Olympic Games of

2008 have come to a close, and the splendid opening ceremony has led the whole world to look back on the glories of China’s past and present and look forward to the future of china. The game of luck and lost parallel laughter and tears together, may be inexperienced, not off in the campus and wondering who childish, every time I see a flag of sportswear in the game, every time I heard the march of the volunteers in the field sounded, heart excited. I thought if it can represent their own country in the field that this is good, because if I can make the gold anthem echoed in every corner of the world how proud, can I grew frail and weak now emaciated, plus the usual comparison of love in front of the computer "ten finger movement" (recently the successful transformation the original or "finger movement"), so is always "on body color".

is a test of martial arts, the playground there originally in the test of Aerobics of female students are stopped, I was "elegant" attitude of laughter, not blush! This year was admitted to layup, 3 minutes, finally the teacher pressed a few times, I finally had the courage to take the next semester. So, I like athletes, let alone on the Olympic Stadium, on our school sports meeting, I guess I signed up, others also specifically for me to find medical team. However, "gold medal" does not necessarily have to be a sports field, we have all industries, the Internet is still the case.

‘s gold medal is not eternal glory,

Olympic Games held every 4 years, every time there will be many new faces at the top of the podium, so it is undoubtedly in the recent network, this session of the "Olympic Games" in the search engine Baidu Zhaijin, navigation hao123 portal Sina won the herald, and communication tools QQ alone a flag, "I love life discount discount" lead, each of the local stations also have the lead as "Xiamen fish" and of course we know the webmaster Chinaz, Admin5 and so on! But just like the Olympic Games, the Internet is also changing moment! As in the Baidu Chinese beyond Google, QQ beyond MSN, who can guarantee the next "Olympic Games" at these sites can be reelected. So hold on to a dream and believe that anything is possible,

!No matter

hero was born, thick accumulate thin Fazhao world

Beijing Olympic women’s individual archery champion Zhang Juanjuan, originally practiced discus, shooting, until 14 years old began to practice archery, Liu Xiang also from high jump to hurdle. What we know is >

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