Flash road was included in the Baidu flu


for people who do you think of the importance of self-evident, a website content is again good, quality high, if no one patronize that can only indulge in self-admiration.

flash on the road from the beginning with flash beginners chat targeted to write each article, then finishing works, to the final production site, after almost lasted two months, every article, every detail is condensed with my blood.

We have seen the

search engine optimization before this finally comes in handy, the mood is really very excited, the first consideration is the key word set, first my target audience is those who want to learn flash, very interested in flash, if they want to participate in the training will search what keywords it. The first thought was, of course, "flash training."". Then there are similar "flash training course", "flash teaching material", "network flash training"…. In the Baidu search index under various think of the word, "flash training" is the maximum amount of search, "flash training", "flash animation", like "flash network training" could not find data, illustrate the use of the word search and fewer people less. So decided to give up.

understand the search volume, now look at the competition of these words, and each word and search again, each keyword in the top ten websites 11 open, website quality they look down, they set of keywords. The conclusion is that the competition of "flash training" is more than that of other ones. But related sites are not particularly quality, as far as

, "flash training", the competition is even smaller, and even someone in Sina wrote a blog about the logs are on the first page. And the competition of flash animation is very big, so give up.

identify target customers, now to dive in the customer analysis, the word search volume after all "flash training" is not very big, but also will change, even if there was no training plan, but after he saw my website, feel to participate in training to draw more you might change your mind. And then go index search "flash"". Of course, a word that the fan is certainly not, so in the same inside screening, finally locking "flash production", this word than "flash training" search much, and search for such a word people are still very likely to be my customer, ha ha ~, more importantly his competition is very small, perhaps there is a website with access to find the idea of website.

a web site keyword can not be too much, otherwise it may be considered cheating, so finally selected these. "Flash training", "flash training course", "flash production"". When you do it, go to Baidu >

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