Sorabbit several major points to be grasped in the operation of local Forums

after the domestic crackdown, rectification, there are many personal webmaster, choose to join in operation of local portal site, relative to other sites, local portal site location, population, development of the Internet, Internet and local environmental factors, so the difficulty of operation, and the size of the user group, are not the same. In particular, local portals are relatively low in user stickiness, and the establishment of a forum community is just enough to feed this factor. The forum has been successful and the portal is almost at least half the battle. For the forum with real-time, interactive and other features, I summed up a few major directions, do not look at these, it is necessary to implement, knowledge can be large.

one, character

each time to plan and select some focus characters, character selection is not restricted, as far as possible to find detailed information, the establishment of the forum topic, to grasp every character that is of interest to the user, are interested in what they can attract, guide and inspire users to discuss communication, exchange and interaction.

, for example, select some local people who are not well known but worthy of reporting, and in particular, according to the actual situation, in general, the selected characters should be valuable and can be of concern to everyone.

two, event

forum administrator, moderator team, to have information on the Internet by the keen sense of smell, understand the latest hot events, with the fastest speed set up in the forum topic, spread, let more people involved interaction, when necessary for some guidance, some hot events can do some special promotion, for example QQ group promotion, Forum promotion and other Post Bar.

, for example, Sa, who broke out this time, has been married for many years. Now Ronald Cheng is ready to divorce. You can write some opinions, be sincere or good, and have your own style. In addition, as for what events to establish a topic, you can do some special station outside promotion, and guide more attention, participate in.

three, forum activities

forums, management moderators team, as far as possible in each month, planning 1-2 edition activities, to attract more users to participate. You can contact the activities of other sites, line entity stores, companies, government agencies and so on, in a win-win cooperation and ensure everyone is good, will also establish long-term cooperative relations, to carry out more forum activities have more resources.

four, offline activity

In the

forum member fixed and active, our human is sufficient, can hold regular offline activities, such as climbing, hiking, sports activities and so on, to further narrow the gap between the forum and their distance, more approachable and friendly.

I just want to talk about a few directions, after all, the knowledge is very deep, we need more practice, of course, you are welcome to communicate with me QQ:1352114551 (Note: Forum exchange).

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