Xu Yaopeng under the big environment, grassroots webmaster will continue to exist if


" is not only affected by film and television sites, personal websites will slowly withdraw from the stage of history." BTChina chief Huang Xiwei, the reason this article begins with the quote yellow big, because when users had quoted this sentence in the QQ group, and I have just friends arguing Huang Xiwei too pessimistic. At that time I really very optimistic, then I is based on a U.S. Internet Report saw before, said the United States is now basically the average every family has a family website, personal website has become a way they communicate with each other. I was thinking, the times are developing, technology and civilization are progressing, and in China, personal website will become a universal. Just like telephones, cell phones and computers.

but what I saw was the situation in the United States. What I saw was a bright future. I was missing the point, the most basic point.

in December, my blog has been closed for the third time. No. 20 was closed this time, very puzzling. I received EMAIL from the space agency in the afternoon and said my website was illegal and had to be closed or corrected. I didn’t go online when I received the mail and saw email at home, but when I contacted the space store, they were already off duty. The second day I contact the space business service, he gave me a notice, wrote "must close all contain WAP, forums, message, blog, business transactions, audio-visual category, such as interactive audio-visual audio-visual download site". I can’t think of it. My blog is just a personal blog, and it’s all about the technical and promotional articles I wrote myself. So I said I would shut down my guestbook and comments on my blog. Only if I send my own articles, can I do so, and the result is that the other party has not replied. So I changed a statement, I said, please tell me what kind of content of the site can be placed in your space, so the other party immediately give me a web site address, saying that such a station can be open. I went in and looked more depressed. The station and I like the same station, and I stand as a message of this, there are comments and like I stood behind the article; it is not the same as the station and the member registration and login function, site title is "so the net", and my website is titled "Xu Yaopeng the webmaster blog".

and I, I doubt the feedback to the customer, I said because my website "blog" two words that I have to close the interactive blog? Customer service said I must so seriously they have no way to have views on the network at the communication bureau and the Public Security Bureau said to. I immediately burst into a big fire, just to attack, suddenly thought: he is angry, useless, and they are forced by telecommunications, and use their words, "who is full, nothing, willing to close the customer’s Web site!"". The fact is that, in fact, IDC is the biggest victim of the storm, and they have lost more than we do.

that’s the point I overlooked – without a standard management system

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