Video chat site is not good, as a webmaster, you endure it

video chat sites don’t do well, and maybe a lot of people will argue against me and say how much the profit is,


I would like to ask your traffic come from? Search engine? Baidu has started manual intervention, you may wish to use Pinyin in the Baidu search for "shipinliaotian", when you enter the " shipinl" it is not a direct pop-up menu is "video chat software"? No "video chat" there are a lot of about the ranking intervention.

if you give me the bring in inappropriate site traffic, you do what kind of advertising? CPA? I think you every day more than 50% detained, at least, if you say you do CPS, then I tell you, in this way the user may have little value.

I do not say that video chat site is not good, just to share their own experience, perhaps I failed, but I dare to come up with their own experience of failure, which is more webmaster friends don’t go my way, continue to hurt.

I do

video chat site has been half a year, basically is a failure, do video chat site, don’t put too much or illegal pictures or video, even if you can do a good job search engine, others report, wait until you get the hang of it, I and several friends of the station because of these things, so we must pay attention to, maybe you will be in the early stage of large income, but before long, you will be a problem.

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have more ideas to share, I hope you seriously do stand, do not do some unhealthy websites, at the same time we clean the Internet together.

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