Operation Chongqing forum experience content is king, word of mouth promotion for the Emperor

night sleepless, recalled his own Internet business experience, saying, temporary thought a lot of things, then there is this, I am not what successful webmaster, this is not some promotion and operation of dry cargo, but a story about himself during the Internet business to some misunderstandings and mistakes of the summary, as a successful webmaster I want to share this experience is not much, hope that the experience can let you avoid detours. Because I operate a local community, so I’m talking about from the local community, master bypass, novice self-examination.

site positioning

said about the location, the actual point is why people website what services, I think the local community is for local residents and service in a long time ago, in fact this is a correct nonsense, not enough to be used for positioning. A lot of friends and I had the same as the core, began to imitate the websites of the big boss, according to the needs of a partition plate most probably it did not actually happen to local users, the website and empty, the lack of site unique characteristics, and then hard to fill in, but finally had to be of no use to delete the content. So, in the early days of the station, your motherboard block if more than five, at this time should stop to think about positioning. My advice on positioning is accuracy, at least as early as possible. Are you good at choosing, the direction of resources, and then analyze whether you need the services provided by the consumers and the market, once you choose the direction of the market and the crowd, these two factors, so just, your basic positioning precision.

content accumulation

Having spent

website positioning stage, website operation ideas will gradually clear, the next step is the content of the web site filling stage, and filled with people, early can only rely on their own people, in the face of these plates, don’t be lazy with copy and paste mode, especially mechanical acquisition. I have had this experience: the first is in each big website to find interesting content, then copied verbatim, after a month after the tired, so everywhere looking for a shortcut, acquisition software will naturally become the first choice, take hundreds of oceans to spend time on software research, pseudo original, and then collect competitors look at the amount of post, every day thousands of vanity was great to meet. Finally, we can imagine the result of the sad reminder. Search engine wisdom is one hundred percent, no less than the software author and you, lazy results is to accept search engine punishment, it is estimated that many webmaster have such experience. That should be how to do? Actually I was still thinking, but I operated by the Chongqing Forum (website, interested can look at http://s.cqour.com) are the requests of our editorial team, browse the local web site every day, and then see the news popular event assessment, opinions, never directly quoted. In addition to provide local service content, asking them to go out more exchanges, not behind closed doors.


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