Website design analysis use flat interface design to attract users


[Abstract] this article is translated from Speckyboy Design Magazine, @C7210 translator. In traditional web development and even now the design of mobile devices, the complex glare of the product is not necessarily a good choice.

especially on mobile devices, the effect is too complex not only rarely attract users for the application, but often make fatigue in the visual user, produce cognitive obstacles to the basic function of product interface. Therefore, we need to refer to the "flattening" Aesthetics in our design.

what is flat design


in fact, the flat design of the term refers to abandon those has been popular for many years, high gradient, shadow light realistic visual effects, so as to create a more "flat" interface.


Allen Layervault, a designer at

Grinshtein, once wrote in an article in HackerNews:

"for a long time, the interface style of the web seems to be following the same design aesthetics, and everyone highlights the texture of the interface elements in terms of slope, gradient, shadow. For designers, make this kind of ‘lovely’ elements can become norm even honor. But for us, and a few other designers, this idiom is not always correct."

go to Layervault and take a few eyes and walk around. You’ll see the beauty of the beauty that they’re looking for in simplicity. It’s also interesting to see that the visual styles we’ve been used to are increasingly being subverted by more and more websites and mobile apps. Here are some other examples:



‘s new version of Squarespace uses almost flat visual style, using only a few of the details in a more traditional way, highlighting important interaction elements. Try it and you will find, in fact they are in the functional logic is quite complex, but all this behind simple straightforward interface, you can really feel vaguely from its design team effort.

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Another familiar example of

is Facebo>

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