Did you sign up for mom’s account DANGER!

      click Register Ali mother, sell your site ad > > http://s.alimama.com

Ali’s mother recently used its marriage with Ali’s father in the text, a big fire, but hidden behind a huge security risks

for the regular access to the Internet, we will basically use the same ID account and password, and now we look at the following figure

and Alipay and Taobao registered project almost

I want to register this website friends, is likely to use your Alipay account password

so that   as long as the site’s webmaster do a little bit, your account number and password in their hands, if the consequences of illegal use can be imagined

is not in the name of Alibaba Alibaba, please master carefully your registered information. Alipay and similar advice to change the password account password.

series note: this reminder is very good, especially some small and medium-sized alliance, do not own the username and password set the same. Because the webmaster relates to the password more, mail, qq  FTP; domain name, bank account, alipay……   I suggest you grading the password. Never be the same.

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