s there a line or a lot in your mind

many operation novice friends asked me this question: operation in the end what to do? In fact, the cause of the problem in understanding there is a system of operation, scattered knowledge may be said inside, they will know, but ask him to take charge of a separate project, it has no clue the. Here, he yang to give you advice, if you want to learn web site operators, will not be clueless, distracted, you have to put some of their own fragmented learning form a complete operating line, and then follow this line, their knowledge, expand constantly to practice, then you the efficiency will be


now many novice friends like to watch some people’s actual combat experience, but he does not recommend to look at these things, because I also like to see the successful experience of others to share. But for novice friends, from the very beginning to blindly read a lot of other people’s actual combat experience, really help will be great?

we do not discuss the actual combat skills of others, in the end is not his own summary of dry goods, assuming that it is dry, the effect will not necessarily be very good, why do you say so, there are three reasons:

1, why would anyone think of such combat skills? Have you ever thought about that,



each combat skill is actually based on clear operational thinking, absolutely not a separate individual. The novice, you can see is just the way other people, and the final results, you can not see the process of thinking behind them, why


because you don’t have systematic thinking in your mind, support your thinking, analyze other people’s method, start point. That explains why you don’t feel like it until you imitate it, and you can’t even do it at all.

so you have learned is only the surface of the "art", but "art" is the myriads of changes, a lot of small dots, you could not finish school, the only constant is clear operational thinking of a line, learn this, any a kind of art you can find common summary the law, put them into their own experience;

and most importantly, you can follow the line of thinking to evolve more of your own actual operational points;

2, dry, which stresses every step of the process, what is the starting point, thought about it,



if the refinement of every step, it is all about, such as why do you choose to know in Baidu in the promotion, why sell adorable test language style, why the flat web design, why tracking an event visitor behavior……

a lot of dry sharing, for the steps described or more detailed, to tell you the first step, the second step…… If the actual operation is too much, >

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