Novice talk about network promotion

newbie talk about network promotion

contacted the Internet for 8 or 9 years, and has done N websites large and small, which could have been said to be a blank for network promotion. Recently read more than N network promotion articles, and also try to find out some experience. Here are some of my views on the promotion of the network.

, content is king

even if you do not understand SEO, OK does not matter, as long as you update the site every day ten articles, remember the original Oh,


you see, Baidu included you not?…. Of course, you go to submit your website, or add chain, sit and wait, is unable to wait.


two plus the chain

post will always, the message will always be, go to those high weight web site, send a few soft Wen, remember to bring your web link Oh, if it is BBS, remember, signature also change to your link.

three builds blog

will set up a blog? Go to the famous blog to build a website with the same name as the blog, every web update a few articles, at least also must be original Oh, is the best hair in half and then I want to know the details please go to the Chinese dream literature: Literature portal, personal experiment is good oh this way too.

four takes advantage of Baidu

we all know that Baidu is very heavy on its son. Oh, well, why don’t we take advantage of it?. To post it posted, pay attention not to send directly to the site, send an article and it is related to eye-catching articles, and then immediately put on the vest, the first time in the first floor replies, plus your link. (take care not to overdo it)

five QQ group promotion

you should have added a few QQ group, is a group of one hundred people in 10 groups is one thousand people, no one e-mail hey, have time to add more groups, then do the math…..

six network promotion

we can put their site article submitted to the site, of course, it is best to get the title slightly attractive, if they can recommend to the first page of the word, that is to squelch the traffic….

novice talk about stupid method, I hope all of you a little help. Finally, please allow me to advertising: China dream literature literature portal:

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