Site navigation station development in the end by traffic or by users

to be honest, I am very lazy to discuss these topics today still have no clue, take the opportunity to communicate with you under the current situation, how to develop a web site navigation site navigation station! Long-standing, Premier hao123265114la they will not stop, we, in this era of open source, do a a website is not what technology, an open source system, buy a domain name and space, pass up, modify their own navigation station turned out. Before is easy to do stand hard, because there is no technical resources but only put hands submissively but now it is, do stand to spread the difficult, only because there is no resource! Look at others sites can only sigh


site navigation station now in the end there is no market, the problem we have been asked, but had not thought about this problem: if you can not occupy a part of market share, so there is no market what is the relationship with you? No half dime! Say good, the market is competitive, the competition will certainly have a market, if not the market, what are those predecessors? So don’t be afraid of competition, the key question is how you can in this crowded market won a space for one person, or a piece of Jiang Shan! Without the need to say, oh, I can not replace hao123, certain can not replace, the site has no future! If you think so, then I have nothing to say, but I can give you an example, the current hao123 users a year can be created for hao123 Less income, if you have 5% or 10% you do it? How much, you can count themselves! You are happy, it is said that this is not possible, it is not good for you a percentage of income, these needs you to grab! Do not require personal navigation, in the field of how lead. As long as there is money on a


web site promotion, rogue promotion is the fastest, the best way, but not much benefit to development, not a moment and he! His stand as its own brand promotion, you will know that the website 5-10 first set individual voluntary page than to get to 100 IP the website is more helpful! If you have enough money is

!Of course, you can also

elsewhere, if you do want to stand to make money fast, then the direct use of rogue plug-ins, brush Alexa rankings, brush flow, traffic up quickly, and then quickly earn a profit, but to the later found, oh bad, I do not waste station, why the website with the rubbish the station has no difference! Or later found, OMG, website not enough money to buy plug-in installed capacity, make ends meet ah. At that time, the end of the end! You want to refuse this class. The station in a disastrous state again pushed to the front of the user, who will not learn from? You say again good, you have deceived hurt me! So never put an end to the future of the web site, the site is now too much competition itself.

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