Yu Yongfu Entrepreneurship need help

near the end of the year, participated in a number of entrepreneurial theme activities, stimulate me to find a new business for the key words: help!

this "help" word has two meanings. The first is to help the Gang: entrepreneurs who want to fight. There must be a business, build the team is the foundation, bovver is the core group team, there are three points: like-minded, share success and complementary ability.

is the biggest fortune venture team minded, capable people can not work, can work with people must be like-minded, like drawn to like. The business of the road there will be all kinds of difficulties, business direction can be adjusted, no money can melt money, but if your entrepreneurial team broke up, you start to fail completely. For the past seven years, I have thought myself a lucky person, because I get along well with Partner.

to share success. Why can the Internet industry to attract so many young people, so many smart people to enter the industry, they have ideals and dreams on the one hand, on the other hand, the Internet has created a large number of rich mythology with equity incentive mechanism, instead of "competition of family background" myth, gives ordinary people hope. If in a traditional industry, we can not afford to pay the price rise in Beijing. Therefore, entrepreneurs should have enough courage, willing to come up with their own interests, to share with the team. In short, we want to share the entrepreneurial process, but also to share the results of entrepreneurship.

the last point is the ability to complement each other. Before the venture, I have done 6 years of venture capital, has seen more than five hundred start-up companies. I found Chinese technology startups, has obvious growth ceiling, a staff of more than and 100 people, mostly cooked enterprise income 30 million, never grow up.

why? Because entrepreneurs are their own technology and products of origin, is not good in the company’s management and marketing strategy, but Chinese entrepreneurial environment and entrepreneurial "ten round", not the short board, to break the bottleneck of growth, have own entrepreneurs "play group frame" consciousness, method the short board the most efficient is to find a partner.

UC, managing partner of four today, respectively in the four aspects of product, technology, market and management, each one has his good points. In this way, you can not do, your partner can do; partner can not do, you can do it, we would each "more beautiful", the team will be more and more harmonious.

venture like mountain climbing, the men stood at the foot of the hill, after all, still a piece, then the brothers can look at the scenery in the mountains, enjoy the joy of the summit. In my opinion, this is the most entrepreneurial state of happiness.

to "help" the second meaning is to help, from various aspects to help the growth of a company, and these people are entrepreneurs.

in my opinion, for entrepreneurs, there are three F is very important: friends, master, family. The first is your business partner, brother, second

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