Relying on product value to carry out portal management and realize sustainable development

we often have problems like

1, operating portal station, I started selling from that product to obtain profits,

2, why some products, individual allies sold well, but I miss the point, I also very hard

3, why customers are not interested in our products, we have prepared a lot of information,

4, why aren’t customers willing to try


5, why the customer said no effect, I don’t know how to deal with

6, why customers don’t want to renew, I think the product is worth the price of

7, a year later, I have no confidence to renew


8, the city is small. Where is my client?

and so on, we asked endless confusion, then we always feel that we have not mastered the trick, keep looking for allies skills, they have what cheats? Mind is linked to the allies, we can find a book for oasis, the results show the answer is "no". What new, or feel very, very reasonable, but our implementation is not so.

: Hey, here we feel a special case, local conditions, such as customers, competitors, strong conservative personnel, difficult to recruit partners very difficult, there is no strong team

and so on, in short, we have endless puzzles.

but not willing to, because we feel very clever, not around than the so-called "success" benzene, even smarter than them, sometimes I can contribute to them, even pointed out their deficiencies.

so, we’re still looking for ways to succeed.

so is the road to entrepreneurship really tough? Is product sales really that elusive?

in the face of all sorts of troubles, all the key to solve the problem is:

understands the true meaning of trading: exchanging

product sales = use our product value or service value – exchange – merchant currency or endorsement

sees the Allies here. Maybe it’s nothing. I know. It’s corny. I knew it very early.

if so, then look at the following questions. Perhaps your view will change;

1, do you know the value of your product now?

(many products, different stages, different values, understand the value of the moment is the most important)

2, do you know how the value of the product in your hand is realized?

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