From Baidu K back to Baidu home page second

happened to start from the beginning of February, by the beginning of February, my QQ speed forum, QQ speed key has risen to fourth place on the Baidu home page, IP is about 3000, the day I was to study how to improve the traffic when I found the search volume QQ speed plug a lot, then the day at night I started a renovation plan website, I put the relevant keyword tags and description with QQ speed plug-in, and increase the QQ speed plug column.

tragedy occurred on the second day, my station was Baidu ruthless K, 4000IP straight line slipped below 400, not long after the webmaster also evacuated, the site and I at the same time into a low ebb.

persevere. I did not give up my station, I’ll find a solution in Admin5, and slowly applied in: 1, I’ll clean up my Links, to be K and the right to stand down all cleared; 2, to the label and description changed back; 3, the home page instead of going back to the original 4, keep at the same time in other forums and blogs to leave some of my link. Of course, in order to take good care of my other 2 characters and, the next time I have no more time to carefully manage my QQ speed the rhythm of the forum, just keep update.

April 1st fool’s day, Baidu opened my joke, the morning suddenly found my QQ speed to be collected and returned to the Baidu home page, I once again surprise +, through my forum, noon to KFC to comfort her, but the afternoon I was again this K Forum; what then happened 2 times.

3 days ago, Baidu keyword QQ speed home and have my station, and after 3 days of the day rankings are on the rise, traffic close to about 5000 today, has been ranked second, second only to the Tencent’s website.

summed up, adhere to the updated and sustained increase in the chain, is the best way to return to Baidu embrace.

I hope my station does not experience such hardships again, also hope to see the stationmaster friend of this article is no longer experienced by K station.

just AD, 1, welcome to the forum Links; 2, the recruitment forums here, welcome to contact QQ:993152184, or QQ speed forum group, group number: 56892028 please indicate the link or not. Thanks again to Admin5 and friends who are interested in the QQ drive forum.

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