Let you easily do Wangzhuan five strokesCase study of talent net promotion

second, you must not do without the project, without any formal legal commercial documents some projects just put a document on the website of the pictures, but can not check out, remember to go to the business red shield or other government website can check out the counts, without any responsible person, contact, such projects only so don’t leave these things, one is because he did not, that is fake or just a personal project up project, on the other hand is to do the project management staff, is ready to leave with money means of cheating, so do not leave any traces for you caught, remember that deceived.

brand promotion with this recipe, July

fifth, if you think I said to see here, please take a few minutes to look down, you are wasting a few minutes, may get the life inexhaustible wealth, your destiny can be from "

first, do Wangzhuan must not do free, free of the dead do not make money, like early advertisements, and click to make money surfing, hard months even electricity does not come back to earn, there is no free lunch, free to get paid is not proportional, is often to you for a long time, just to help advertisers do free labor, you only get a return, do not think that there is no risk free, those who do is in the use of free Internet users such petty psychological

Wangzhuan experience dear friends, maybe you are just contact the Wangzhuan industry in doubt, in fact, the development of the Internet, online money already is an indisputable fact, on the Internet can not only make money, even as a business to do I do now, now online part-time business Wangzhuan dragons and fishes jumbled together and numerous, I also do a lot of years, many attempts to understand a truth:

will regret it! !

third, do make money online projects have their own website, you want to see the web page is beautiful and exquisite, generally a liar station see page is to make people sick feeling, out of order, gaudy, one look is not for the company, or even just to buy a virtual host and it is started in business, you don’t have to consider such a site, otherwise

fourth, if we really want to have to do online business free Wangzhuan project, although there is a certain risk, but the general charge, is bound to have a stable source of income, the project will be very stable, when we do worry, I recommend one to you here, in the year of the Internet. Now is the largest domestic brand companies have all Wangzhuan, formal legal procedures can query, all available links, and small investment, only 100 yuan 100 yuan to buy fewer clothes on the back, to the bank a few cents no interest, want to dare not even that money online venture investment people always destined to you are a loser.

minus 500-1000 yuan a month and a half ago, received a friend request, Guangdong City talent network completed the first half of the year, the daily traffic is only 300, the need to promote, but the promotion expenses extremely small, spend money to do a website after you do not want to spend what money.

about the target site of demand, the talent network located in the city, business radiation surrounding towns, to further understand the need to answer: do not know what effect. In short, there is no sense of network, as a talent network, this is really sad. Only local rivals: there are 5 competition sites, "× × talent" or "× × talent network" in the search engine search on the site do not know where to row, and the opponent in each search engine have occupied the first page. Note: × × is the name of a city, not the talent network name, because if you want to search in the search engine on the name of the talent network and in the first place it is too simple, ^_^, only those who do not know the name of the site that you people to search you have value.

2, all the business personnel and service personnel have to talk about the superiority of the website to the customer, such as home or office can complete the job recruitment and so on, here will not discuss specific matters.

3, the applicant data entry site, and give him the account number and password, for job seekers to tell the login account password can freely modify data, send a request to the enterprise application.

4, all data especially foreign data and web site address, after any publicity activities to promote the site, such as training or recruitment activities such as details, please visit our website www.*** website, we have detailed information such as.

promotion on the network

1, buy network real name "× × talent network"

2, log on the major search engines, of course, other search engines to a period of time, then log on two search sites, such as zhao123, 123…… Too much, I’m tired of growing up, huh?.

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