Wang Meng how to easily enjoy Wangzhuan2016, three new board ten unlucky eggs live the most sad remi

this Mingku child, it is called Kay 430618.OC.

below, let you read the king to take you to see the 2016 new board ten unlucky eggs.

network is actually a is easy and fun, before a lot of people are making money for the network must have a technology that can make money, for example, to learn how to build, and recently very popular SEO, SEM for advertising etc.. Wouldn’t it be impossible for these technologies to make money online? The answer is No. There are plenty of opportunities to make money on the internet. You can think about it in a different way.

2012, Kay with hope for the future impact on the gem, but after the announcement of the prospectus, the company’s problems are exposed: because of copyright issues suffered a huge indemnity, whitewash financial data and growth. So, soon to succeed IPO Kelid, frustrated.

4., meet the above requirements of the site, we continue to carefully check whether the site is not too many members, if less people, means that there is a great chance to make more money! Now the society is the survival of the fittest. If members are tens or even millions of websites, how much money do you think we can make?. I don’t think even the electricity can come out.

3. website if related to pornography, must not go to. Greatly increased the risk of our collection, even if the Commission is not even more to do. "Because our country forbids these things to exist, therefore must not do!" as the saying goes: "small experience, the world, careless loss of Jingzhou!".

2006, Kay built VIE architecture for overseas listing, but coincides with the 2008 outbreak of the global financial crisis, the overseas market downturn, Kay wipe the tears, the heart is hard to build the demolition CEDI VIE;

2., a web site after setting up, you have to do promotion, it may use you to pull down the assembly line. Pull a registered user and give you a few dozen to dozens of commissions. Of course, to see if he meets the first, I said, if it does not meet, it must be a liar.

for the last few months, I’ve been buying products for a few cents on a quick, easy website, and selling them to Taobao at a price below the product market. After all, it’s genuine, and a lot of people are rushing to buy it. Do two months about the net profit is more than 20000, with ten thousand of the income of a month. Because I love to do some new website, who is a big company, do not care about 28000 dollars. Therefore, the credibility must be reliable! Simple money, happy enjoyment is my lifelong pursuit of things. The above is I do a little bit of experience accumulated Wangzhuan, we hope to help.

2, Chen Mo: 2 billion 900 million no, the wife is gone,

Chen Mo, ink Lin shares 835067.OC actual controller, Wolong real estate 600173 acquisition of ink shares of the biggest beneficiaries.

1, Kay: three no three fall, fold in the fate of turning point

1. see if this site is a "profitable" website". The profit website I’m talking about is to see if he’s doing a big job so that he knows if he has enough money to stay. You can check the record number at the bottom of the website at the national Ministry of industry website, whether it is a regular company. If possible, see how he works with those companies. For example, to develop their own payment function similar to Alipay. this development up to the bank and cooperation, and to invest a lot of money. The purpose is to let us see what he is not a liar, if people do not because of millions of sites hundreds of thousands of dollars you delay you don’t give the.

overseas listing failure; impact on the gem failure; listing three new board two years later, it is difficult to be acquired, and failed.

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read, you believe, the 2016 new board, for most people, is cold.

‘s career two down, this year in the most miserable people live the new board, none other than non Chen mo.

three is not three, every fold in the fate of a turning point: one can not blame the government, back not to blame society. You can only read a sentence: Life helpless sympathy rough Careland ah, why are you so bad.

in June this year, ink Lin received from Wolong real estate alliance olive branch, the latter intends to 4 billion 409 million yuan acquisition of 97.71% stake in Mo Lin shares. If completed smoothly, this will be this year, A shares acquisition of the new three board company’s major case, Chen silent will cash 29>

half a year ago, Shen Si with papaya mobile came to the new board, the company secretaries said: "I think the new board is China capital market in the future"; after half a year, papayamobile chose to leave, "said Secretaries the company itself is an attitude". The trouble is lonely……

regulatory tightening, the market downturn, in 2016, the new three board happened too much, too many stories.

2014, Careland listed on the new board. Two years later, A shares of the company after it Xingmin Zhitong, plans to buy 1 billion 600 million yuan. But ultimately failed to reach a consensus, Kelid once again Mengsui A shares.

but for some people, their memories of the 2016 new three board are not just cold, so simple, and perhaps also "unforgettable."".

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