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yesterday evening 21:40, Li Xueling micro-blog in Sina micro-blog issued a letter of only two micro-blog: "YY."". A few minutes earlier, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission announced the NASDAQ listed prospectus YY company. Li Xueling spent nearly seven and a half years bringing the start-up company in a residential building to the gates of the US capital market.

The prospects for


, this is for creation

timing is important. Many people voice online chat tools have long appeared in the country, because MMO online gamers need this practical service, including Tencent, including several Internet giants have also launched similar services. But due to various reasons, each of the service in 2007 and started to have some dormant.

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there are at least two reasons: on the one hand, the game game player voice precipitation degree is very low, with the end of a copy of the game, all game player are a beat two scattered, belonging to the absolute weak chain system; on the other hand, the long time voice tool interface is difficult to appear in the game player in front of value-added services to the commercial prospect is very limited.

from the outside, this way of learning fast, it is the path Li Xueling relies on Entrepreneurship – he copied and borrowed from the game site 17173 from the beginning. In April 2005, he retired from NetEase

growth under weak relational chains

, a business chain that has a weak relationship and a bleak outlook on profits, was once a bit dismissive of Li Xueling. In 2007, his angel investor, Lei Jun micro-blog, invested in another voice instant messaging company, iSpeak. The company, which Li Xueling initially thought was worthless, then developed rapidly, and Li Xueling regretted it too late.

What about

continuous learning entrepreneurship

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it is difficult to imagine, in 2008 officially launched the YY voice, in the eyes of Tencent, developed into today’s registered users 400 million, 70 million 500 thousand monthly active users instant messaging platform.

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? Do it yourself. So Lei Jun investment companies, one turned into competitors. The end of the story is that Lei Jun to exit the iSpeak board, iSpeak’s vice president also so chained and thrown into prison.

in this field are so bleak that even Tencent has shut down QTALK voice services around 2007. That is to say, when Li Xueling decided to launch the YY voice, the market had nearly a year of empty windows.

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celebrity effect

competition is always cruel, along with the development of YY voice, there are many criticisms spread in the market. But that doesn’t prevent YY voice from laughing until now. A person familiar with the matter said that Sina’s voice team and technology architecture were relatively stable compared to its competitors, and was early on with the business as a core, according to a person familiar with the matter.

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