A small network of Beijing made up from 2000 pieces of network direct storyThe Taobao model is appro

two: the great development of e-commerce, so that Taobao customers become an important channel for promotion


I have to say something about a little editor who was in my department half a year ago.

six months ago, she was just a person who was unwilling to be run on, vowed to do something by herself, and closed her eyes to the common Beijing post-80s girl.

she looks ordinary, short, fat, round baby face wore a pair of small glasses, but to listen to people talking like a block in the Sahara desert sun months sponge, be absorbed in, or hey music.

is now the scale of online shopping is more and more big, every day is very large in the Taobao transactions, Taobao or other e-commerce sites most want to do is to promote, but many promotion methods are thankless, there is no way to enhance the conversion rate, while Taobao off of this form, the actual sales the sale will receive a commission, respected the natural can get many of the more and more, so the owner or the electronic commerce website more inclined to Taobao and Taobao to promote the guest, guest website so it has become an important channel to promote the

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now make money through advertising is more and more difficult, high is very difficult to find a price, a


and Taobao customers often require only a code, or a blog, or a website to hang the corresponding product link, without the whole website are made of Taobao customers, this website of sh419 is not easily blocked, and through their own operations, the rank of the website that will be good, then the site hung on the Taobao customer links often bring good profit to you, now many celebrities in Sina, NetEase opened a blog, the blog which have a lot of Taobao customer links, some sh419 promotion and so on, but this is to earn a commission of

everything is ready. What do you sell? "I know women, I know myself," she thought long ago, learning from the Jews, aiming at women, and selling the slimming products needed by women. After repeated comparison, she selected a slimming health care product, acting as a sales agent.

three: other Wangzhuan form from the stage of history, Taobao has a long way to go off

in order to catch up with work, eating basically on the roadside and the bus to solve, "there is no taste, eat in the mouth is not hungry on the line."". Do not go anywhere on the weekend, is a man wrapped quilt, sleep for 2 days.

first talk about the environment, although the large company launched Taobao customer has more advantages, but it can not cover everything, because sh419 itself blocked Taobao, Taobao shop is not able to show on sh419, but some of the original use of API to establish the Taobao passenger network station also suffered a total blockade, this will give us these grassroots webmaster by operating profit Taobao guest website provides the environment, and through the unique shopping experience, get some loyal customers, because Taobao shop products may not very comprehensive introduction, proper selection by Taobao guest website or product evaluation, transfer the right consumer to consumer, will to enhance the profit level of Taobao guest website

said dry, and after careful thinking, she chose to leave, and in the capital of the Second Ring Road, a convenient place to rent a 2 bedroom. "There’s only 2000 left after paying the rent."".

I just knew yesterday that she moved out of the house for a breath and rented a basement for herself and only 2000 dollars in her pocket. In order to live, she has done two jobs, one in the East, one in the west, our company.

1: sh419 blocked Taobao, bringing business opportunities to Taobao

it’s been a long time since 2 in the evening and 7 in the morning, but now I just can’t sleep.

now for Taobao off this Wangzhuan mode, a lot of people think money effect is getting worse, especially for the grassroots webmaster, because the Internet giant Taobao launched its own guest website, for example, some time ago Taobao launched 360 passenger stations based on these large sites to participate in the Taobao customer the competition will further compress the grassroots webmaster profit space, we can see the mom in a billboard, in front of the row are basically large sites, grassroots website basically disappeared, then Taobao off for the grassroots webmaster is really no chance? Of course not, we we will analyze the grassroots webmaster operation Taobao guest advantage

lonely toil days have passed six months, an accidental opportunity, she learned that direct marketing can make money, decided to try.

starts marketing. In the major intermediary sites do shop, in a variety of trading sites post, in various websites do blog, online, etc.

buys products and consumes one month time, before opening, left several hundred dollars in the pocket.

every morning bright days, she will arrive at the east end of the first job, a web design work at 5 in the evening after work, she ran to our company, has done editing work until 10 pm, and then take the night and then rushed to the west city of Victoria in an apartment in the basement.

to something else I must buy for your own use, "she inspection effect with the very soil solution, to spend money to buy their own use, for two weeks, feel the effect, to sign.

then, it took her half a month to save a website.

yesterday I personally went to her house to learn to learn, only half a year time, I almost have a little impression of the primary editor from 2000 month actually started net income of 100 thousand, but also a native of Beijing.

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