Why does shlf1314 Adnsense earn more than its total income on that dayshlf1314 says online ads click


click fraud has become an interesting and intense debate held in August this year, the San Jose search engine strategies conference. Shuman Ghosemajumder, manager of enterprise product trust and security, says the statistics of three companies on shlf1314 Street Main are wrong. shlf1314 never looked at the fraudulent clicks they quoted as legitimate hits.

12, 12, the shlf1314 official countered that the actual rate was only about 2%, according to a 20% click 30% fraud report on Internet advertising by third party companies.

Wo Zi

The company engaged in the protection of

Ghosemajumder recently said that, as most keyword advertisers have discovered, the click through rate of shlf1314 systems averages less than 2%. He explained that shlf1314 took four levels of protection to identify and filter "illegal clicks"". Illegal clicks defined by shlf1314 include non fraudulent clicks a visitor really hits more than one keyword ad at a time and fraudulent clicks apparently illegal clicks.

today view the shlf1314 Adsense account, found in the summary of income should be higher than the total revenue, total revenue shlf1314 Adsense overview is the inclusion content of advertising, promotion, the sum of several Adsense search advertising, but the data actually and the income is not the same, the income to total income ratio higher than the part. Note that the income is not shown in the summary report, or Adsense statistical error, of course, the latter possibility is very small. So I searched the forum and drew the following conclusions:

as for why search union revenues are not included in the "Overview" report, only the service team can explain. Search alliance only for mainland China, the Chinese team does not have the corresponding technical support ability, may be one of the reasons.

is the more common search alliance income does not appear in the "summary" report, users can use the "senior report" the view from the search alliance income, under normal circumstances today search alliance income plus "Introduction" in the report the total income is the income.

finally found the hidden income in the "advanced report" in the shlf1314 search league.

of course, there may be other cases, then it is necessary to analyze the specific problems.

if these measures are correct, click the illegal third party company statistics rate is probably not accurate. That’s probably why shlf1314 says click fraud is less than 2%. Advertisers need to choose who they trust, whether they believe in the third party, or shlf1314.

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