Beginner should learn how to make moneyn the construction of small web service providers Developmen

, first, don’t want to make money,

impatience is a natural enemy of success, a lot of friends learning Wangzhuan encounter a variety of problems began to complain, complained that it encountered a problem, always complain instead of seeking a breakthrough, this man is not successful, even if you have the best tutorial forms.

do Wangzhuan is a long-term process, even a few years ago you spend in learning, learn to share at this time is very important, write their own experience, or carry out with their own answers, continue to share out, so you will continue to make more friends, and these people are likely to is your future team.

contact Wangzhuan are holding a few weeks or even days to earn money mentality to do, in the end is a failure, then began to say Wangzhuan is a lie. In fact, this is because there is a problem in the beginner’s mind, we contact an industry regardless of any industry, you want to become a good manager which you must first learn to understand the industry, but not every day looking for the so-called "adbux project" if a project that you can do nothing to earn a few hundred dollars every day, that is fooled you, as a novice we need to understand the day to earn 100 or even thousands are from every day does not make money at the beginning, if you can persist without considering the profit a year to one year after learning, you don’t have difficulty making money.

fourth, learn to share, build teams,

third, focus on communication,

Many novice


finally, for just contact Wangzhuan novice, you can join the group 49911362, in the group sharing share a new online video tutorial, very suitable for beginners to learn. The text first since the golden Wangzhuan Forum:

do not do Wangzhuan impatience

has numerous just contact Wangzhuan novice in the golden Wangzhuan forum, write this paper here specially to share a few novice learning network should pay attention to the problem, hope that you can help novice friends.

a lot of people think Wangzhuan is yourself, is it? No! The Wangzhuan is also very need communication, if your friends are on the Internet daily income of 500 or even 1000 yuan or more, you will he runs for their contacts, he taught you do earn 100 days may be only a few months, this is the network the power to do Wangzhuan focus on communication.

price competition can not be avoided, we must reduce costs through standardized products

The implementation of "project sales of high-end

"project sales" the high cost of sales is not suitable for low-end website construction project, but has been formed in the website construction market sales service is actually the project sales. An enterprise entrusts the website builder to construct a website, and the general process must go through several stages, such as requirement analysis, content organization, interface design, program development, system test, customer acceptance and so on. Website construction service providers have to bear the high cost of sales implementation for medium and low-end website construction project sales.

based on scale and service, forming a sustainable business model

as the website construction business as the main body of the company, in the process of development of the company itself, should pay attention to the improvement of the service quality and the accumulation of scale, the formation of the company’s benign development.

as the website construction service business, dominant and recessive income website construction service providers probably divided into several parts: first, after the annual income of website design website space domain renewal after sales income and other network services revenue. If you want to reach the best interests of the service provider, you must:

— improve the design and development of Web site for the first time, the amount of revenue, reduce pre-sale cost;

— increase year after website space domain renewal Collection >

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,

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