Brief introduction of the CP alliance profits and processes

      mention CP platform, think the webmaster should know, CP providers is to provide a platform for channel interface!

      SP is a provider of content and interfaces!

      CP Alliance – that is engaged in the integration and SP resources, realize multi channel access, providing a plurality of SP channel selection platform for the SMS alliance, and the settlement way, to provide funds to advance for the size of the Union message, reducing the pressure on liquidity.

      CP alliance platform, in addition to achieve the basic functions of the CP based e-commerce platform on the market, the original partners can independently convert SP multi channel technology, realize the fool management, make the SMS alliance partners can easily access, not in the upset to write interface.

      CP Alliance – specifically about how to profit, it is necessary to start from the SMS Union, now do the number of SMS union number. For example, CP alliance registration 6000/, 1 volume difference of 0.5 yuan, so one day profit of 3000 yuan, the CP alliance is between the Union message and SP service provider platform, formal SP service providers are settled in every 2 months, and now the Union message many individuals are to operate, if direct access to the SP operator, is the pressure on liquidity and risk (SP2 months after the problem will not be settled, etc.) so CP alliance is produced, the CP alliance can integration and SP resources. Multi channel access (cooperation and a number of SP business, and settlement) or week settlement to the SMS alliance, so it effectively reduces the message’s alliance operation cash flow pressure and risk, CP union registered amount can be profit, if the deduction amount, then the profit will be more (remember gentle don’t button too much oh! ), which is to do the profit of the CP alliance, which is why many people now do the root cause of CP alliance.

      it is also necessary to say that there is no good channel uplink. If you really want to find out what the market will find!

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