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guest years, has been unsuccessful. I do a lot of Amoy friends succeed, hundreds of days into the lot, although I do not have so much. Now, I will re organize the practice of guest, also be my experience and share the examples for reference only, please point out insufficient place, common progress.

second point source selection, now there are four kinds of form of source code. The first is the TOP form, which is simple and practical, included good, such as dark Empire source code is simple TOP, additional point function, has the advantages of no database, included better, convenient shopping guide, the disadvantage is used too much, to allow customers to produce visual fatigue, recommend second kinds of cashback template; for example, a lot of version, cashback cashback Version www.taorul is the Taobao business to give you a commission at the same time, you will be a certain percentage of commission return to your website registered customers to purchase goods. The advantages of attractive to customers also included good, pseudo static. The disadvantage is that Taobao business cheating is serious, if the order appears, will damage the credibility of the website; third for navigation mode www.hao123, as a web site that station, and then modify the URL for the business name and address of the promotion, there are two ways to make money, is a customer to buy goods is two Commission. After you do a good business for you to hang Taobao URL, the most simple such as lemon Green Tea, you need to hang the first recommended position, that position is 30 months, others simply do not care about 30 yuan, but if you do it right, the web site will become your Taobao business customer. A website double money this way. Advantages: earn double disadvantages: lack of money, to attract the attention of the merchandising; the fourth is to guide the graphic combination way, this will have to say perfect love guest author, his website is love purchase customers, the monthly income of million websites. He four sites, doing very well, be like and money

because learning SEO is not a day, two days thing, rely on repeated learning, communication, continuous practice, you can see a little practical results. In fact, I learn SEO at first, but also with a cavity blood for thousand dreams to learn the art of SEO hard, but the dream often brings us the reality of a large gap, we failed again and again, let me not see SEO can bring hope, let me then to believe that the three letters SEO, slowly to dispel the passion for learning, also have thought of giving up many times, but I really don’t know what I can give up, what to do? Maybe find a labourer to 30 years old, 40 years old, 50 years old, 60 years old, or even a lifetime! But in my heart I am there is such a feeling, I can’t go to work for others, I rely on their own ability to feed themselves, to feed my future, so there is such a word to say: "for the work of others is the most stupid investment. So by this sentence again and again I tell myself, must persist! Here is to warn will be engaged in SEO or SEO has been engaged in the webmaster must persist, should use persistence as your greatest hope.

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should be first choice and choice of the domain name space, any website cannot do without this combination. Amoy, need a popular name and a stable space. The popular station name and make it easy for people to remember your guest web site name and URL, remember that your domain name is for your customers to see, not their appreciation. The best is simple and easy to remember, like "Amoy baby" like this, don’t like what "a prosperous", I just don’t understand, what is the name of a well meaning, mouse squeak squeak, the dog will want to call this name, exactly what are the benefits together, understand ah. Space, stability is the first factor, when you visit, there can not access the situation. The recommended space support PHP+MYSQL space, pseudo static better. When it comes to space, also must be safe ah, the original "Taobao zone" is not safe because the space we invaded, then we DIY Aiqiai www.i7a.cn.

at present, with the adjustment of the sh419 algorithm update, just enter the search area for some novice webmaster, is undoubtedly a reborn again and again, there may be some quality content with their own Webmaster Station strong here, but I believe that most of a substation long down in the algorithm to adjust the hillside for some novice a webmaster mentality, I analyzed some reference for novice webmaster.

two, novice Adsense engaged in SEO why not do, adhere to

three, novice Adsense in SEO should overcome three mentality,

why do we need SEO SEO, except that we have no other way to go? I remember a few years ago Ma Yun said: "if you stay in the cafe inside the game today, if you also said today jokes on others do e-commerce is a fool, so I believe you will be five years later more regret!" in Ma Yun’s words, in today I want to tell you if a year after you have to contact SEO you will regret more! Because in the network inside the circle have been search engine as one of the most commonly used tools, our customers are looking for a product, first of all the search engine is used, then the user in using the search engines to find the products they need, will click on the website is often the only top, so by this point as a webmaster, not Tube is a novice or veteran, want to achieve profitability through the network, this is our contact and learning SEO is one of the most intuitive reasons.

, as a novice webmaster, why do we have to learn SEO

the first mindset: learn SEO, first of all we >

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