Follow the night market beggar to learn how to make moneySo doing shlf1314 Advertising, making $100

      how to configure English web pages:
      first, select the highest price keywords as the theme of the article. Do shlf1314 Advertising, not for high volume, but the unit price. What keywords, unit price is high, this casually move brain, think of. For example: the treatment of incurable diseases is very expensive, there is no doubt that the key words for such diseases will not be low. The demonstration chart uses the term cancer cancer as the keyword.
      two; the background of the shlf1314 advertisement is the background of the web content. There’s nothing else, mainly to integrate shlf1314 ads into the web.
      three; according to the height of each shlf1314 ad unit, determine the height of the corresponding induction picture and content. This step is mainly to make visitors mistakenly believe that the shlf1314 advertisement is part of the corresponding induction picture and content.
      four; select comparison lure

are beggars, but most of the money is not the same way, some can get money, and some do not have money. For money, in fact, we think that as long as the face is thick, and put under the dignity of it. But really is this? Here, Shao Lianhu blog for you to analyze the beggars, what are the ways to ask for money?.

, this beggar is really very good at saying, always looking for something that you love to hear and do not dislike

do not know when, the night market beggars more and more, whether it is the elderly, or young people, or disability, or nothing wrong, all kinds of people have. Beggars used to be rice, but now beggars learn fine, do not eat, as long as the money. One yuan, two yuan, The more, the better. But don’t pay a dime. Don’t look down upon beggars. They know good money too.

these beggars are really very common money, see people, call sister, miss, give a money. When others give it away, they do not give it. Some will call handsome boy, beautiful woman. Did not expect it, and now beggars know to call other people handsome boy, beauty, and this is the trend of social development. The income of these people should be OK, too. After all, a lot or more, and one or two dollars is nothing.

there are so many beggars in the night market. When we used to eat, we saw some beggars and almost gave money. Because they look miserable, give them some money to let them go. Some see them around annoying, send money to go away. You know, these people are addicted to money. They’ll ask you for money soon after they’ve given it. They don’t remember you gave them the money. And there will be dozens of beggars begging for money in the evening. Do you give it to me? I really can’t afford it. From then on, who doesn’t give a cent?.

             ;       just after the new year, listen to many Adsense complain that this year’s advertising is not good. Either the advertising League too much, or the price is too low, anyway, it is difficult to find the best. These days compares several well-known advertising, shlf1314 Advertising is not a problem to do There is much fineness in, make good words make $100 thousand a month.
            shlf1314;         one might ask, "movies, music, picture sites are not allowed to do ads?" Yes, of course not. But don’t worry, to recruit "mingxiuzhandao, advance secretly by an unknown path" on it. To engage in a no copyright problem English English garbage station station shlf1314 ads are generally relatively high price, then through hyperlinks, popups etc. the movies, music and pictures to shlf1314 Web traffic should be prepared English station advertising. Well, this first step, the flow problem is solved.
             ;         with traffic, no one can not point. Even if someone points, the unit price is not worthwhile. What should I do? Of course, work at the English garbage dump at shlf1314 advertising. In order to be more intuitive, last night, I stayed up late and showed the model drawings. See below:


second kind of observant beggar

a few days ago, my wife and I were eating in the little square. When a beggar came by, I was sure we had to ask for money. Who knows that the family passed us by and didn’t ask us at all?. I was thinking, "do we look so poor?" and then he ran to the nest to ask for money, and someone gave it to him. In fact, this kind of person wants money, really do not want to waste together, can not give money to the person, he will find some people, feel can give money, and the rich man.

the first kind, the common beggar

many people want to earn money and earn more money. However, everyone knows that money is not so easy to earn, sometimes hard but also can earn money. Why? Because earning money is a learning, not just a physical activity. Today we share a night market beggar money story, I hope everyone through the story of beggar money, understand the money in the end what is needed.

third kinds of rhetoric beggars

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