Lu Guofu the reason of the decline in ranking websites and matters needing attention

the third point I think is my blog ranking drop the biggest factor, we all know that Links effect is good, about this I have to write about. Pay attention to my blog friends.

first we talked about, I had a large part of the chain is obtained through the soft submission, now is February time not to write soft article submission, plus I was busy now something private. The chain a lot less than the original estimate (now ranking is obtained, and the original chain or a great relationship), we have always stressed that the chain growth rate must be steady increase, as a webmaster execution is key, I always tell my friends that execution, execution, and execution, but found his execution is not enough! The good reflection. Method to get the chain can refer to this article: Ten let you get

recently in the youth forum is always mixed, have long seen the green electricity forum organized the original essay, I would like to write an essay contest, but also do not know what to write. This article is written on this every day feel content can be written, for a period of time not written don’t know what to write. Seeing the event soon ended, or to write an article.

recently love Shanghai has changed a lot, I have a few small normal optimization site included is love sea K no, it is to make me a tangle. I do not have anything to do illegal operations, but is the love of Shanghai to K, head pain, who can understand. Xiaobian I where is the Wuhan area, this morning found the words "Wuhan Shanghai dragon" in love second Shanghai home for a long time the site suddenly disappeared, my blog last week when fifth dropped to 17 now, here is my analysis on my blog the decline in ranking, hoping warning to everyone:

blog to now have 8 months of life, the establishment of the start when the execution is OK, keep the original article every day, and will write articles to A5, Chinaz and other network owners to contribute (the original submission of the pass rate is also good), by submission of my blog also won the chain resources got good, and access to resources than the chain quality is generally high, this is why so many webmaster in write text, the soft, how to write before I wrote an article to share six tips to write a killer text, you can see my blog. Recently, due to their own reasons, rarely own the original article, the general is to directly copy good article, use this article to remain part of the visitors, the blog is not without user attention, users do not pay attention to the site, search engine is not like, often see friends that did not see the message I think it is unfair to the new, what a loyal reader.

three Links

the original

sleep without any anxiety of the chain resources

foreign chain is less

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