Website ranking is not good or no profit

Whether the webmaster or

manager to do a website all hope this website can bring profit to themselves, when done later to make it to our needs a lot of work to bring profit website, such as website ranking, promotion, but the reality tells us not long each station can do website ranking, not every webmaster have the capital to promote. So, the new station to do what I do? I have done many types of Web site, enterprise stand, portal station, adult station, sex shop, etc.. When there are dozens of sites in your hand, you can not do every site can take into account. So some sites may not have too much energy to do optimization. So I do these years I have been based on these sites or groping a little experience.

first, after a certain web site do not matter, in the railway station, a month before to take care of, so it can well withstand the test of the major search engines, because a new sites do later even included, does not mean that your site is stable, because this time it will enter the search engine evaluation period, if at this time, you do not have good management station, then miserable. In other words, is not directly out of the womb is dead. So this time is particularly important, but also the most hard.

a new station to use the usual heart to treat, I set a standard for myself is: the site’s earnings set in 3 months or even six months later, so there is a certain truth. First, this will not be too tired. Second, there is a relatively sufficient energy to manage other sites, we can not because of a new station to give up the old station. Third, so there will be no pressure, can be in the details of the new station to work hard; when the site through the assessment period, including the snapshot after normal, can be appropriate to relax. Take a look at the site in the search engine rankings, if the ranking is not good, so no relationship. Through other channels to make the site profitable.

we know that twenty-first Century is the media age, so we can make good use of the media, it will get a high return, for our webmaster, the best media is the Internet, and relatively free. When the site rankings do not go up for a train of thought. We know that the series of products and associated with VANCL, dream bazaar etc.. They have the capital by the brand, let the word where customers through a variety of media deep in mind, 80 90.

of course, we do not have so much capital to hard hit a brand. But you can use the free resources to let consumers know more or less of your site. For example, Baidu know as well as a variety of question and answer questions, and this method is particularly suitable for Baidu is not very much like the site, such as adult supplies station. For example, in the Baidu search "where to buy supplies", you will see on the first page in addition to the promotion, the rest is Baidu know and Post Bar in, of course now Baidu answers show the links, then you can change to your site name, and in your site key word will give you the name of the site that you put in, the keyword is unique.