was how the words Nantong Shanghai dragon fast do second page

has such a sentence in Shanghai Longfeng circle: layout determines the layout around the user experience! Keywords "Nantong Shanghai dragon", can reasonable promotion Keywords "Nantong Shanghai dragon" density, and can effectively solve the Nantong Shanghai dragon search experience, the website will give higher weights home Nantong Shanghai dragon.

second, friends of the chain link’s choice of words is also very knowledgeable, according to certain proportion to the exchange, take "Nantong Shanghai dragon" the words, I will go to the exchange of friendship with the Nantong part of Shanghai Longfeng, others will use the Nantong Shanghai, Nantong Shanghai dragon dragon optimization blog, Nantong consultant, Shanghai dragon Nantong Shanghai Longfeng company such as the long tail of high frequency words, so more love to win the trust of Shanghai, and these words for Nantong Shanghai dragon has weighted effect.


, a stable update original content



two, Links management

For example,

logo, H1 H2, part label, blog introduction, the content of the article, article, website and so on the bottom plate, each plate needs to be a good deal details.

on the blog, along the way, and constantly, only blog title changed more than three times, last modified in three weeks ago, when the title is not the "Nantong Shanghai dragon" such words, re positioning changes after three weeks, the "Nantong Shanghai dragon" had been lined up second the page, and is very stable, whether the moon I is how the words "Nantong Shanghai dragon" fast do love Shanghai second page? The answer will unveil

Links management including add and delete, maintain a certain number of stable Links is conducive to enhancing the overall score, the website but, if there is abnormal or chain links, we need to ensure that the decisive delete chain part on the right track. When exchange chain, I will follow the relevance and weight equivalence, derived almost principle, in order to ensure the weight I give chain are less than or equal to the right important chain for my introduction.

second, to stabilize the frequency of updates, in previous keyword optimization, try to do an average of two days, so that we can accelerate the love for the website of Shanghai recognized.

three, around the keywords of the layout of

code optimization is to optimize the links and images, to not participate in the rankings or export links need to be nofollow, so as to avoid.

although the writing level of general, I still love to write original content, this blog will not be accumulated, homogenization, and maintain the original value and the long tail word ranking has always been good. On the contrary, many people love to take a shortcut, love collection, pseudo original do not good enough, come down for a long time, your site is likely to be sentenced for garbage station.

code optimization

Four, do

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