On 2014 Shanghai love what to pay attention to and adjust algorithm

home page on the right to directly call the business license


love from the beginning of Shanghai’s official website, apply to the security alliance, to love the official website of the Shanghai platform for certification (but before applying for, now mostly failed) love Shanghai "official website" can move, and switch to the official website of application platform, guess this is love the sea to prepare fully open applications, give more show the fully qualified website or business opportunities.

1. recent revision of the PC end love Shanghai love Shanghai home

on TKD website contains "official website" websiteThis should be based on a

this is all just a few adjustments, the testing stage, there are some limits, sometimes not, there is a certain relationship with the local. But it is possible in Shanghai love > stability test

2. to love Shanghai Security Alliance certified official website, registration information in the


security alliance certification bodies love Shanghai United Tencent, Jinshan out, mainly to provide safety certification for the enterprise, because of the difficulty of high credibility authentication, so high.

The default

love to Shanghai business word and related enterprises recommended, showing companies generally are relatively well-known brands and the identity of the trusted businesses conjecture has close relationship with the Shanghai encyclopedia and security alliance love.

the arrival of 2014, love the movement of Shanghai has become more and more frequent, the author found that several adjustments, this love Shanghai algorithm are summarized, for your buddies see.

this is just out yesterday, there is love Shanghai webmaster test landing account will show "invites you to comment on" words, there is a close relationship between the conjecture and 360 comments show directly in the page. After optimization evaluation, users sharing impact on the site can not be underestimated.

the original site navigation is hidden, displayed in the upper right corner, it is possible with the construction of the mobile terminal, because most of the mobile terminal site navigation is clicking on the button, start navigation. It can also make the home become more pure.


6. "official website" love Shanghai has been fully open for


5. in Shanghai on the right side of the show "love snapshot invites you to comment on, directly transferred to love Shanghai word-of-mouth comment

4. love Shanghai give drop right processing

algorithm update against false website including: first, what the most famous and well-known, exaggerated words in the vocabulary may be within striking range, suggest the webmaster, not the famous sites do not blindly exaggerate.


3. love Shanghai for commercial words display


related enterprises

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