A mental map of website optimization to teach you the most cattle




4, through the analysis of user needs, the degree of competition in the industry comparison, determine the key words to do, and then do your site layout, the title should be how to write, how to distribution page navigation, but also how to put these pictures into a layout, Zhang Caotu, to do this analysis is reasonable.

2, which leave keyword analysis is the most traffic conversion (such as marking machine, marking machine in pneumatic marking machine, laser marking machine is the traffic into a keyword, but the laser marking machine, pneumatic marking machine may be 3 to 5 times this) it is a step in my analysis of how the users to search keywords.

3, demand, here is also going through three aspects, the first is the user’s demand is what, the second is the top 20 industries which meet the user demand, the third is what I’m gonna do keywords to meet the needs of users. First of all you need to know what is the user’s needs, is the product of the type, type, price, wholesale or brand, when you know what is the needs of users, we have to do is look at the analysis of competitors the industry top 20 sites which they meet user requirements, such as he meets the price. Then we will do the price we can do is do type, type, satisfies the user demand under different requirements, if they are going to do a keyword is difficult to row up, to learn circuitous tactics, Grandpa Mao classic battle encircling the city, because in the end you will participate in faster ranking.

website optimization is divided into two parts, the site to do what operation optimization analysis on the front line, the line on the website to do what the adjustment of operation optimization.

1, on the site before the line, we all know that any website revolves around the keywords to do title, navigation, page layout, keyword is the core of a website, we also from the keyword as a breakthrough. First look for keywords, the keywords which are classified and summarized, find effective keywords, which is invalid invalid keyword, eliminated (such as free translation online translation company, even if it is a translation of the largest demand, even the flow is high, but for our translation companies is invalid no use).

, a website optimization operation

The analysis of

every Shanghai dragon optimization are dreams of becoming a top talent in Shanghai dragon world, don’t want to be a general is not a good soldier, who want to learn good Shanghai Dragon technology, if you still all day thinking about how to send the chain, where it can send the chain of these things, then you will never be not because of your top, thinking too much, you are still thinking of Shanghai based dragon mentality, today I use a map of the Shanghai dragon website optimization process to give you a detailed display, I believe that as long as you learn this thinking, any website you can optimize.

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