360 and the noble baby cooperation of the domestic search industry Fengyuyulai

360 search for the search industry played a subversive role, the original 360 ferocious search just a few days have been looted more than 10% search share, become only the second search engines love after Shanghai. Although it is early > 360

more than 90% nobility baby’s revenue comes from its search advertising. So for the 360 noble baby in the search engine that is absolutely worthy of the original choice.

noble baby is the world’s largest search service provider, and China has a search service the world’s largest market, but also the greatest potential. Once the baby can occupy Chinese aristocratic search market, so the search for the noble baby hegemony will not shake.

noble baby although temporary launched Chinese, but this can not stop the pace of expansion to noble baby, even noble baby still had Chinese market place of fat. So for the noble baby really quit Chinese also Public opinions are divergent. Speed transit network dingdaoshi editor once said, noble baby is never leave. After the baby is registered nobility noble, adsense., baby. China China nexus. Chinese 18 ". Chinese" domain name, covering its many products.

We all know that

China search market is a noble baby a flaw in


unfortunately, when the baby is in Chinese noble lofty ideals and high aspirations search market and ready to show its mettle was Chinese love Shanghai, including many local search service providers beat. Subsequently, noble baby search, maps and other nobility baby business market share are in decline. Finally had to own the server and then began to close out China, noble baby in a series of service Chinese.

a baby trying to take advantage of the nobility

recently commercialized process 360 has officially started, and the best partner is who will exit the noble China baby. In 2012 September 360 Mister Zhou Hongyi had claimed that 360 commercial search will cooperate with foreign companies. In fact, when people for business partners are already 360 guess pretty close, because the foreign enterprise search has been the most successful is the noble baby.

noble baby is a great ambition, noble in the history of baby is rarely. However, the baby in the market Chinese noble defeat for the noble baby is a great shame, and noble baby also will never let go.

The rise of

China exit after the baby is like a noble potential water giant, has been waiting for the opportunity to get back in patience. The rise of the domestic 360 search for noble baby a golden opportunity. The noble baby may seize this rare opportunity to go out.

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