Only the longevity of the chain can let us no menace from the rear

set up the third party free blog is a way to do the chain is the most common, in fact this is a long chain of the best, interfere with your own blog is not by outsiders, so the third party blog is a good choice. But there are a few points that need attention, that is not to let the blog closed, like Shanghai, Peninsula blog, blog bus blog is no room for these ads, if you must be very careful to do links, in fact, recently this time sina is also very strict. Suggest you send the chain will not be too greedy, I saw some friends in the blog chain when an article do some anchor text, and links, what phone number, QQ, what are placed on the mailbox, this is very easy to be convicted of advertising. So everyone in the time of the chain blog can’t send a few articles up to leave a link, let it come naturally, so your blog generally not something, the best is often able to update your blog.


second: the chain

chain is Shanghai dragon never get rid of the topic, but also our Shanghai dragon is one of the most difficult thing. Especially for the novice, the chain is a huge challenge, do not know where to send the chain, don’t know where the chain and so on a series of troubled us. And I found that more than half of the site to drop right and the chain is basically about, why? The chain for the emperor ah, for example, if you want to make the most money with others, then you can take him to enter the real estate. If you want others to lose the most money, then you can take him to enter the real estate. The fact that the chain is also so much to promote the ranking ability, will have greater ability to bite. In this chain right down the largest part of the chain is missing, the other part is the garbage outside the chain (next to share with you how to junk the chain website keywords ranking), so the author put forward the chain we can only build longevity let us website no worries, then the author will share how to build the chain of longevity? Mainly from the construction of the chain of four kinds of the most common way to talk about:


: the first chain blog

is one of the ways we do forum outside the chain of the most important, in fact this forum link longevity is basically not reliable, because you post too active, sinking fast, heavy deeper your link transmission weight is low. Finally, if it would sink to the bottom of the search engine is not deleted. In fact, the forum outside the chain still have some way, if you don’t want your post sink. You can post your next day, there is a way: I believe each forum is a character signature, went to the top of the others post forum you every day, so that your character signature would always be included in search engines. This is equal to the chain of longevity, but every day you hard, but no way, only such operation forum. Of course, if you write articles of high quality is sticky or become a hot post it was also.

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