Now know how hard it is to make a website SEO


a pure grass root, no money, no background, and bestie discussion, create a small website IT. Why do you think so?

a, create purpose. Now that the traditional industry has been saturated, and the investment is relatively large; not suitable for 90 no capital, no contacts of the grass root people entrepreneurship. But we can not give up their pursuit, and students to create a focus on the game podcast class website. We collected Youku and potatoes each video network has a certain degree of popularity of the podcast video, spent two of us six months time. Collection of podcasts are great eloquence commentary, the website quoted a lot of pictures, try to describe a few words; because we believe that the future of the site is simple and direct, too many words will let visitors feel tedious, but it also caused the SEO search problem, many friends also think the website is too simple.

two, without affecting the normal work, we have a certain management time. Because of my classmates and I are at work, but like the grass root, barely enough to maintain our normal living expenses. We can’t hold on to our next month without a job, so we don’t dare to resign. The management of the website we can squeeze out the time to take care of.

three, little risk. The site has been calculated at the beginning of the idea of a good investment, the cost of a one-time network company contracted to lease the server, the two of us can still bear. Do not like the opening of the store to buy and lease facade, the cost is too high.

, however, it is easy to wait until the site on the line, the difficulties appear!!

our site almost no IP traffic into, really want to cry no tears ah… And we think the results are completely different, we believe that the flow of 100IP per day or you can have it, but almost 0… Online site for nearly two months, summed up the reason is not doing a good job SEO.

to be honest, the two of us are not learning IT, no concept of SEO. So we started to cooperate, he is responsible for the content of the website maintenance, I am responsible for learning SEO promotion.

there are so many ways to promote my website:

one, registered a website name and Sina micro-blog and micro-blog, Tencent – game podcast network, and then put the link to the video game up, but found that the traffic is still not go, the click rate is very low.

two, go to the forum to send links. Because we are the game video website, I will continue to send a video link in these forums, and occasionally have some effect, but also very poor.

three, write soft. This is really a headache, I really do not know how to say this thing is good. Write a few articles sent to A5 or other forums, is unable to pass, but also did not inform the reasons.