Shanghai Longfeng zero based 90 after the mother of 4 months to achieve 2 website weight execution c

of Shanghai Longfeng years of front-line combat experience, as a general.


in the strange position can withstand greater pressure, but she still has the courage to dare to accept the challenge, under such pressure, forcing yourself to a stroke.

(her website weight optimization of 2

According to Yang Zi

yesterday, a Yang Zi in Shanghai Longfeng a consulting guide students, once again brought Yang Zi the good news that she optimized website, from this year to now the weight has soared to 2, heard her to bring this very good news, Yang Zi heart is very happy and excited, immediately gave her a praise, cartoon pictures and then send a "good" word.


and Yang Zi as a teacher, just to help her to open the door, just a guide only, as the saying goes: "the master near the door, by personal practice, if their lack of effort, good teachers, good method, good learning tutorial is equal to zero.



actually, Yang Zi is currently involved in the Shanghai dragon one-on-one consulting guide students say no more, less said also many, there are some enterprises in BOSS, such as: Shandong Weifang decoration design company boss beauty, Beijing farming industry, Jiangxi beauty BOSS machine industry, Shenzhen a company’s partner and so on.

itself does not understand Shanghai Longfeng optimization and network promotion, so Yang Zi refers to where she is to play, where Yang Zi taught her how she could only know how to perform a fool, it is this persistence, such efforts, this idiot style execution and complex work to do simple simple and repetitive work, from a quantitative change to qualitative change, she was alone, the optimization of the traditional enterprise website yesterday to weight soared to 2.



can be said that these students, at present, no one has her efforts, perhaps it is because she is in the zero based learning, plus a year not to have the class, it is not easy to find a job, of course, to cherish.

so Yang Zi gave her a red envelope, as a gesture of encouragement and congratulations, but she said the red envelope is not received, Yang Zi said this is to express my heart, must accept, but she did not accept the final, Yang Zijiao just said that she too many things, the red envelopes should be her, here, Yang Zi want to say more is her own, if not her own diligent effort and there is absolutely no effect today.



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