Shanghai dragon ranking rules let it be easier to win


recently updated to love Shanghai, many owners can not touch the law, often said: "love Shanghai most updated site is down right". However, there is a drop up optimization mode leaks down right can only prove that most of the site, and can not be said to be doing "backward search engine optimization", they are more aware of what you’re doing. But the current search engine development direction, the changes are nothing more than "the optimization of human nature".

of Shanghai Longfeng optimization techniques, however many webmaster crooked positive can be summed up a lot of chukouchengzhang. But eventually, Shanghai dragon optimization in fact it so much. Secondly, plus the Shanghai dragon Er understanding of the rules of search engine, follow the rear can be made and Prozac, often a key word up, the other key can all be to rely on and. Today do the specific analytical technology of binary here, only the analysis of how to do the "search engine optimization model". To say the development of search engine, compared to the "intelligent" is one of the highlights. Therefore, the optimization of the traditional model has gradually lost the effect of search engine optimization.

: the station optimization to moderate

B: go page. There are always some web page design pays too much attention to the search engine, while ignoring the end user experience and finally lead to site is down right not. Such as: advertising popups, page Jump, improper navigation unmethodical random links, a content page layout keywords or long tail keywords and difficult to read (mostly in pseudo original tools). The design is often more susceptible to the favor of users and search engines.

A nature. The key word is always an optimization webmaster not clear of the position, how to set the key word, how to highlight the key without being defined as cheating? Many webmaster to hesitate. I want to say is, let it be: keyword selection optimization care user habits, pay attention to the keyword density of user browsing experience, from which the main keyword yong. For small and medium-sized webmaster, do the hottest keywords, we only can bring development for site keywords.

C: add keyword description. Keywords description text, not only reflected in the chain, the chain tracing core keyword can be used to improve the ranking, tracing the long tail can enhance its flow, but the description text transition means to cheat for search engines. For many websites often take the text in the description of The more, the better., seven or eight times the text even more. However, in fact, do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, keyword description text naturally. Master ", page header, footer" three point. The header describing the core keywords, long tail keywords description page, page tail to describe a core keyword.

D: optimization of appropriate plug-in. Since love Shanghai love "humanization" website, the plug-in settings from specific fonts to the mouse……. But the "humanization" is.

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