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see this title, a lot of people will say, with this down to the "music" what’s the difference? I think I have to explain to you in my definition here, at least I know is "music" is worthy of no great importance happiness, not too much with our life. "Hi" does indeed exist, with our real hook! If you do not understand, never mind slowly look at the following example


, then we below for one of the most simple, the most intuitive examples, we A5 in the first post, after finished we found, oh, audit to be original, essence, recommendation, editing by highlighting, we will produce what kind of mood I don’t mind. Other people know, when I first encountered such a thing, I found that I was very happy, this is why I am posting A5


with simple medical station, we went to search medical station, basically is for yourself, or to query whether there is some symptoms of relative diseases, and whether or not so serious, and there is no good or what method can treat thoroughly! So with this purpose when we access to these medical websites, one tell me clearly what I want, and I can tell the treatment, there is no big problem, does not belong to you imagine the kind of disease, then we will have a "Hi" such mood?



angry, this is a very intuitive word, our website when a lot of people say that users should avoid anger, but in fact on the contrary, if a site can successfully stimulate the user’s spear.

we are in life, most people often show their emotions, which have some

!This is a

mood to keep users more important, but not all, then look down!

today we put aside the search engine, and then look at the site in terms of content marketing how to grasp the direction, then you can keep users, it means to do user experience. A lot of people say to do user experience, but often these user experience are relatively limited, I asked a lot of people understand their user experience is, we need to let the user feel good! This is definitely not enough, today we will through several examples to illustrate to the end we should grasp the method of human nature in when do the user experience

This is an example of

Hi, such a definition in mind I think we have a certain understanding, we all know that when we bought when winning the lottery, when we get married, when we are successful, when we are blessed with a child and so on, such things tend to make us have such feelings, but how we do the application of such emotion to the Internet? We recall that we have what thing can let us suddenly have a "Hi" this sentiment on the Internet


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