Lu Guofu on the improvement of the five skills of key words

in the role of the chain is to explain the role, we all know a spider crawling through the link, then the search engine, in the chain can be said to provide an access to the other page entrance to the spider, so the spider crawling our article, we through the chain layout can let the spider climb take our web pages repeatedly, so as to enhance the web site content included the opportunity, also is equivalent to other pages to vote, to enhance the overall weight of the site. In the layout of the chain also plays a very important step. The function and operation methods of the chain can refer to the original article: the role and methods of operation in the chain.

and nofollow tags reasonable written

2, the website chain can not be ignored

The quality of

before we have a detailed introduction of the robots>

website optimization friends all know that good content and the chain method to improve the site keywords ranking, so many of my friends put the energy in the two block, but a lot of time still did not feel any change keywords. See the top of the site, obviously we are not included and the chain site, but his ranking is better than you. This is why? In fact, we do website optimization is not blindly to increase the content and the chain ranking can go up, we have to do is to do a good job in every details of the operation, the Wuhan Shanghai Longfeng Lu Guofu to talk about a simple method:

3, Links.

4, robots

1, the chain number is not much, in essence

we do optimization of a friend, often encounter such things, when we go to exchange links with others, people may feel that our site is not suitable refused us, and we will do so. Is Links site is good surprise, everyone wants to change the quality of the link to your site. So what kind of links are of high quality, can see this article: analysis of common mistakes in Links exchange.

"the chain for emperor" this sentence is estimated that many friends heard of it, we can see the importance of the chain. Many optimization friends blindly in the hair of the chain, did not pay attention to the chain has no effect. Accurately speaking, can only be collected is the site outside the chain, not included, we is futile. Even if it is to be included, but also the quality level of distinction, a high quality of the chain can do dozens of effect. So we don’t do it blindly emphasis on quantity, quality is also very important. We can according to the analysis of the chain of our competitors, and then find him outside the chain of the source, then we have to send, and the opponent did not do, we have to go to the hair, the chain must do so widely, more natural, it can go beyond our competitors in the chain. Method for the hair of the chain, can refer to this article: Ten let you get sleep without any anxiety of the chain resources.

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