Wangzhuan novice how to achieve from 0 to 1

first of all, I am a novice, Wangzhuan also is the time for several months, but I harvest this month is very large, from what they do now has its own website, and the site has been profitable. After their hard work has finally been achieved from 0 to 1. Here I have to share my experience (novice veteran across, seriously look at


there are many ways to make money online, but most are not what we want to do, like to help others post ah, ah, ah, etc.. I think this project is not to earn money from 0 to 1. To help people make an afternoon post earned 5 yuan, this is not good. We want to have their own website, we want to make our own website profit. The following specific operations.

first step: to apply for a domain name, space, just to find a program to set up a website, the website is very simple now, watching a video will, recommend new web application using Dede, an installation is OK what we don’t need to change the default template can be used. Here is that the space problem, the space must be bought, had to try. Do not buy too much, the novice 100M enough.

second step: the site is built, it should give the site a positioning, that is, what profit, the current site has roughly two kinds of earnings, one is relying on Google advertising, and the other is to sell products. Google does not recommend the novice to do, because Google advertising needs a lot of traffic, if you have to do so, it needs the drainage, a drainage way is the most common type of men like the title of the party, the world’s most amazing moment of beauty, sexy star like. Hair to the popularity of the forum, as well as QQ group cited a few hundred days a problem. The next is to sell the product, if the product is better, if not, then you can do Taobao guest, currently doing a lot of people. Choose the product should pay attention to, to choose the right to sell on the Internet, good promotion, such as weight loss drugs, such as whitening. For female products are relatively good promotion and commission.

The third step:

site positioning well left the promotion, to tell the truth I am not good at promotion, really envy SNS Promotion Month earned over a million guest. The method I use is to learn the most simple SEO, then I choose to find a product’s competitiveness with keywords purchasing power, optimization to Baidu first or three, although not many people search, but there are still people search keywords you choose and have more purchasing power, it is easy to sell go out. Here is that the choice of keywords that seems simple but is very difficult, how to choose the key purchasing power is carefully studied, such as the search for what to eat to lose weight and eat what medicine reducing weight is definitely the latter conversion rate is higher. As for the SEO is more simple, learn a little on the OK, because we do a simple word. I believe that the novice can do this quickly from 0 to 1. The last thing to say is that the novice do not worry about a fat man, to slowly accumulate, accumulate experience is more important than money.


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