What do the chain webmaster can cancel the analysis

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with the help of the people around them? If a product who understand the most, I think many people would say is Shanghai dragon, in fact.

site from where? First of all we want to know, we do not know what users really want to search words into the site and enter the WHO website, we can only be judged by some tools. In his own words in the user search what station on the user’s point of view, it is essential to our own when made of the user, in their own minds to search what word? Then go down into a table.

first, we made in this website content, should stand in the user perspective, this is the small key to say today. How to find the user site, and formulated the corresponding website strategy. In general, many owners are operating business websites, so that the site in the preparation and updating of the number there is a big obstacle. Can optimize the page may not be too small, some time ago almost all regions of the capital city of the site construction company stand one by one to see. The general site is hundreds of articles update quantity, good also is before 2000-3000, and most of them are the home page ranking. In this case, to develop a detailed site strategy is to know clearly the Shanghai dragon.

website operation thinking is Shanghai dragon ER makers, or after the performance of your website. This is not only to tell the webmaster to stop the release of the chain, or simply update the original article. Xiao Bian thought, to meet the user’s search behavior, is the site of survival hope. Before many people are using an acquisition and pseudo original behavior, and a popular saying in Shanghai Longfeng circle, the chain for the emperor and other circumstances, after the launch of Shanghai love link analysis, web site operators representatives before thinking gone back.

this two days in the circle in the most talked about is love Shanghai Webmaster Platform chain analysis into link analysis. Love in Shanghai Webmaster Platform announcement has expressly told the webmaster, not in the chain in the waste of time and money, that is to say before the owners in the forum, classified information network, and the chain is some other platform release, will be in love with the sea when the garbage outside the chain. Love and Shanghai will automatically identify, active judgment for the chain of garbage. The site will be more and more large negative impact. The site of several small hands, since the love Shanghai algorithm update appeared love Shanghai ranked decline, even ranked outside the top 100. This tells the webmaster in website optimization on the road is no longer the chain link and change, change is also the site of thinking and strategy.

What are the commonly used

tools? Xiaobian has also been thinking about some of the problems and the origin of the words from where to get. In fact, this is not what the difficult problem. For example, before many websites are told by God, love and love Shanghai Shanghai index drop-down box and relevant search love Shanghai, qualified enterprises can buy some words to the platform, such as chase WordNet is a source of good words.

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