Shanghai dragon Er should know the search instruction tips

Another example of this command:

inurl:gov bbs

For example, the

returns the link to Mu Xiaogang’s blog, but has no connection to the Oriental marketing.

want to get education website resources the reason is the same, as long as the "gov" to "". Of course we use it can achieve precise positioning, for example:

inurl:gov medical return is URL contains "gov" page contains the word "medicine" page. After careful screening we might find the chain resources you want.

these are the basic knowledge ZAC book covers, but also added some of his own understanding, hope to help the people in need.

when we query the chain, we often use Yahoo to do this work, we can use this command:



pharmaceutical inurl:links because many owners to exchange links page named links.html, this command returns the link page is related with medicine. intittle: exchange links returned from see title contains "exchange link," these four words of the page, the results returned by the most is willing to exchange links to the school website, of course this is the lack of resources.

linkdomain: mxgsem贵族宝贝 – linkdomain:

inurl: instructions for the search query word appears in the URL page. Love Shanghai and noble baby support the instruction and support Chinese and English.

in daily work, we often use the advanced search search engine commands us through these to rival research and external links to resources for a simple and practical effect, this paper mainly introduces how to use these instructions.

if we need the government forum of the friends of the chain page, this may be:

returns is included in the URL "gov" and "BBS" page contains. When we are looking for a government forum to send the chain, this command is very useful. It is not necessary to the forum, QQ group with others to everywhere in the government forum list, sometimes also did not care for you. Of course, we know that we can make flexible use of the command.

instructions are more familiar with us through this instruction can be more accurate to find competitors. In fact, we can also use it.

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