Shu Hui no one will understand the ranking optimization

Do not pay attention to the

1 years later, when he chat frowned and said, more and more similar decoration portals do now, many enterprises have put money very much, now make love Shanghai for a keyword to six or seven dollars (bring a flow of six or seven).

ranking optimization! 2, with !

so he feels: website is actually doing the buying and selling of the flow, flow as long as the purchase price lower than the price of money is so crazy! Love Shanghai auction, then fell in love with the average cost to flow from kelp is 1 yuan.

assistant yesterday received a do lamp with Taobao stores, monthly sales of around 100 thousand, saw his shop, the first one asked whether there is water, 100 thousand sales of

so bad of the rankings, but also a month to sell 100 thousand, all by train! Each click cost is 1.5 yuan. And do love from Shanghai to buy a reasonable flow, as competition intensifies, the cost of each flow must rise rapidly, to the end will be a dead end!

but don’t say so, you cannot understand the meaning of


is Taobao seller understand, from the examples of personal webmaster speaking.

said this sentence, the tone and a little hard.


, get good rankings and bring a lot of free traffic, buy bidding flow method and the blind pursuit of the most simple, the most convenient and most efficient, regardless of your traffic conversion rate higher, with the competition, will be a dead end!


must do Taobao ranking optimization

flow of the purchase price higher than the price, so he had to try to get traffic from search, Sogou search engine for the disadvantaged. It is anticipated that within a year, the end result will be the same and love Shanghai because of flow of bidding, the purchase price higher than the price "and do not go down.

Taobao A

to do the decoration industry portal friends for 09 years, the average IP website he brought him income is 2 yuan (per registered a decoration owners benefit is 200 yuan), so from the search engine to buy traffic as long as the average cost of less than 2 yuan, he is to make money.

1, can bring a lot of traffic;

said he is real transactions, but also confirmed. The analysis of several shops with him, his shop selling 100 thousand is relatively good, ought to be in Taobao search ranking home page, but over a dozen pages did not find that the two selling baby of his shop.


agree to do the train, but the premise must understand the Taobao ranking optimization rankings, or excessive dependence on Taobao train, bound to a dead end!

shop is the same reason! Do Taobao products are just tools, this tool products to achieve "business flow"

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