Love Shanghai ranking algorithm will be upgraded, you ready


love Shanghai search promotion algorithm has always been a mystery, a lot of people to search for the promotion of understanding still remain in the "highest bidder" s. In fact, the launch of the 10 quality degree from 2014 love Shanghai, joined the click rate, creative correlation algorithm. Out of consideration for the user experience, in 2015 launched the "transformation of quality points, search promotion ranking is not only decided by the account factors, but also by the page out rate, residence time, transformation conditions. At that time there have been many bid member feel, just raise the bid has been unable to fully control the keywords ranking.

is the first to talk about the quality of algorithm which updates:

prediction hits: love Shanghai system according to the previous keyword click rate, the degree of competition, creative writing and fluent degree to estimate the show in the form of keywords click rate is high or low, if the prediction hit rate is low, it will affect the display and rankings.


I want to love Shanghai 32. After the upgrade, optimization of accounts more clear. The new algorithm the quality of optimal segmentation of several dimensions, can find a clear direction for optimization.

The quality of this upgrade After upgrading the quality of

landing page: Shanghai experience love will grab the landing page content, according to the Shanghai love algorithm, the system will determine the landing page quality experience. If the pure picture landing page or shielding the love Shanghai spiders crawl to do optimization.

Because the quality of Now

PS: the specific optimization methods I will continue to update the article details, please look forward to

will introduce credit score ranking mechanism

recently received the wind love Shanghai will upgrade search ranking algorithm and the quality of algorithm in recently. At present, this upgrade is done to optimize the system on the basis of the original, have a positive adjustment to the ordinary users, bidding, once again let me feel the love of Shanghai responsible attitude.


: refers to the promotion of creative and business relationship between the landing page content correlation level. If there is no relevant content to promote creative and landing pages, a business with a low correlation will.

is related to the show and keywords ranking, so has been a very important member of bidding data. In the past, do not optimize the quality of optimization, clear direction, blind to adjust the account structure, optimization ideas, raising prices, and even some people click on your own ads, so many bid member take a lot of detours. The quality of algorithm upgrade allows to find the optimal bid member clear direction.

quality optimization tips

I put these dimensions tell us about science:

come to talk about what the ranking algorithm upgrade:

optimization tips

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