Search as a source of supply chain you produce garbage or boutique

search for the source of the supply chain (website) is rubbish or fine not on the premise of administrative consciousness webmaster, middle platform he needs to control the supply chain, but also can be said to be a search engine for website filtering, judge the quality of search engine and changing the algorithm. There is a brief search to identify the user charge of thinking. What do we search from the source of supply chain in the middle of the platform and search the supply chain to see how to treat peripheral search the source of the supply chain (website) the output end is garbage or fine.

1, the middle of the chain search platform to control the

whether it is Google, love Shanghai, or recent fast search upstart 360 search, his purpose is to search the source of the supply chain control of their search in the database (Web site) quality, but this is not the only standard of disc and permanent. Yesterday’s good quality constantly with the change of time, good or bad standard programming.

2, search short supply chain peripheral awareness of

As the middle

love Shanghai in June the big update algorithm can be said to be a website quality criteria of a big shake, once more, included in the site site outside the chain number, the number of web content, web site the latest snapshot is no longer good most of the factors to determine the site. Instead the first three can be said to love Shanghai to fight the biggest burden of website ranking. Love the sea one after another announcement on the so-called website good standard, only tell China 200W webmaster, search site quality standard cognitive change, the webmaster should keep pace with the times, follow the footsteps of love Shanghai.

supply chain to control the search engine platform, choose the source of the supply chain suppliers (website) rights, and the Jingdong, Dangdang, Suning electronic business platform as merit and so on. Changmen station to the site to do is to optimize your site, the best show the real side of the search engine. The relationship between the website and search engine from a business perspective is a partnership, there is no so-called search engine must be attached with certain sites to survive. 2012 China Internet Conference the most popular words I think is the pony elder brother WeChat told Zhou Hongwei’s growth and user experience, the 2 are highly recognized by Internet users need to say this product, and we do website optimization intention is a coincidence. No matter what the formal techniques of website optimization is only one purpose to search the supply chain platform allowed us to take.

Why is


usually lives the most is to listen to what the production supply chain, electricity supply chain, the same as the Chinese search giant also has its own industrial chain, the search engine in the middle platform, the supply chain is to search the user terminals, the source of the supply chain (website) is the 200 China Adsense service website. What is the source of the supply chain output of rubbish or directly affect the supply chain quality, healthy growth and can produce benefit more.

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