Salute you in Shanghai Longfeng struggling webmaster

internet sometimes just like a cup of wine, the longer will be more Chen Yuexiang, but to pay attention to methods, protect our brand, create a good reputation to make you value more and more, the words like "Shenyang Shanghai dragon", no matter how your site search can keep a few years in the search engine page, your brand will naturally come out, everybody’s familiar is out.

too many people learn to raise Shanghai dragon, learned Shanghai dragon can start your own business, learn Shanghai dragon can take their own single optimization, learn Shanghai dragon can do Taobao customers, their choice of investment projects, but I want to ask you the webmaster, you wish you? Their own business, independent of the? You picked up a few single? You have to pay so much, the value of


of course I believe learned Shanghai Longfeng partner most people pay up, there is also a small part of their business, their orders are optimized, so even to the original purpose, but the value of Shanghai dragon is really just become IT workers? Shanghai Longfeng knowledge update soon, a variety of algorithms in constant adjustment, one day your website ranking overnight because of this situation come to nothing, people were forced to leave the people in work.

? Why?



too many people just to follow a whim, like do a website, I also make others do Ranking Ranking, ranking up on someone to call me to do optimization, I can receive private work except work. But your ranking came up? Just do so two key words: how many people can search

1, we never really thought about it. Why do Shanghai dragon.

I think perhaps we are their thinking, why a lot of people are not our success? Why many webmaster earn money instead of our

I want to write this article already for a long time, see too much with a dream in the Shanghai dragon struggling friends, I just want to ask you to have a good time? You think from Shanghai Longfeng now learned what

so confused melancholy, some people leave, some people in the confusion and sadness in struggling to stick to this personally to create a piece of heaven and earth. The taste of the fish such as drinking water, lengnuanzizhi. Every day we do the same thing and expecting different results, every day in addition to see the rankings really do not know what to do, my dear webmaster, you struggling to adhere to what? Poor income continues to blow our minds, what makes us so insist, but like to buy lottery tickets waiting for the miracle of the future

is the most taboo you today updated a few articles, no effect, put on


2, you must adhere to the Shanghai dragon


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