What a good 2014 Shanghai dragon Er should have the quality

to deal with the innovation and development of the new period, to continue to do site optimization ranking in 2014, an excellent Er Shanghai dragon should have those qualities? The author talk about his own views:


(statements of a school)

With a close The search engine

1. learning network marketing is an dynamic discipline, all the knowledge and experience from the practice of continuous exploration and. Especially the search engine marketing Shanghai dragon, it is an innovation in the dynamic evolution of social occupation, with their own search engine ranking technology to improve and perfect the website, Shanghai Dragon Technology and marketing strategy to update and change frequently, an occupation of Shanghai dragon Er, must have strong ability of self learning, update the inherent Shanghai dragon old knowledge, traditional knowledge of Shanghai dragon’s mode of thinking, innovation and learning, and understanding the latest moment absorption law and dynamic search engine development, can make their own network optimization skills preservation, warranty, insurance value, otherwise we are search engines out sooner or later.

search engine marketing as the core content of network marketing, plays an irreplaceable role in enterprise Internet marketing. Network marketing occupation practitioners most is the website optimization Shanghai dragon er. However, with the development of Internet marketing environment changes and search engine ranking technology, makes the website optimization threshold gradually improve, the survival status of Shanghai dragon Er occupation increasingly difficult. Especially the frequent evolution to occupy the domestic search engine dominant love Shanghai ranking algorithm, a greater impact on the development of Shanghai dragon industry. As the occupation most website optimization of the latest development of idea of division of Shanghai Longfeng er must follow the search engine, search engine algorithm to adjust the moment of insight into the essence of thinking, can better protect their own optimization site to get good search engine rankings.

3. analysis ability analysis ability is the basic ability of a good Shanghai dragon er must have the edge here, including the analysis of search engine changes, analysis of site diagnosis and competitor analysis site. Usually a site there is a problem, the search engine will feedback to the site itself in some form, such as the decline of the web site keywords ranking, website sink, website snapshot stagnation, the analysis will help us to find their own problems. At the same time learn to analyze website >

2. phenomenon of occupation ability of Shanghai dragon itself is nuclear technology, especially the web site platform itself is built by program code. A good Shanghai dragon Er only know some simple website code knowledge, to understand their internal website platform construction, program system and structure more clearly. For example, 404 error code and search engine is strongly associated with setting up tests, 301 redirection settings, site code error code, analysis of site poisoning and so on, without these basic knowledge to pave the way, our Shanghai dragon becomes very fragile.

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