How to recover for the loss of the PR value selling links

because of the sale of links are not many expired in August 2, 2012, Google will be my website PR value dropped to 0, and the two level domain forum value is reduced to 0. Therefore, we decided to terminate the sale of links, as a warning for the future, the original link before after the expiration is not allowed to renew, while some websites sell link information change to link exchange, until the sale of all links after the cancellation, adhere to the update site.

December 12, 2012, the two level domain forum PR value recovery was 2. Then, in December 13, 2012, the PR value of the Lord restored to 3, although there is no direct return to at least 4, or is the beginning of a new. Do stand, will have good results. Now, if the received Google SMS, timely delete sale link, submit an application, there is no penalty for the pr. Please indicate the source of Anhui News Network (贵族宝贝

Google knows that the PR value of the role of the site, even some channel love Shanghai when changing a link in the PR value quite shout. Don’t know what time to start, link popularity, my site is at the beginning of 2012 selling links. In an attempt to sell link gains of the benefits, I stepped up efforts to sell links. I use Adsense tools inquires about the PR value change of my website, making map:

July 27, 2012 received Google 贵族宝贝 on the detected non natural link "noble baby Webmaster Tools" notice screenshot below:

just keep updating nearly half a month after the login Google Webmaster Center, submit your site for the noble baby review, submit address: https://s.贵族宝贝/webmasters/tools/reconsideration hl=zh-CN noble baby?. About 5 days later, I received the message sent to Google, that of the waste disposal site has been revoked.

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