Necessity of fine-tuning to provide users with a better experience



website construction not in one step, this is as everyone knows, even if the pre do quite perfect, in the back of the process also need according to the needs of users to properly modify it, if a site after doing whatever it might just start, so very good keywords ranking, but changed with the user the search engine needs to adjust the algorithm, resulting in decreased keyword ranking.

title changed many times according to the weight of the website to adjust, such as a web site just on the line, because the weight is low, the optimization of keywords are some less competition, with the weights of the website promotion, can change the appropriate keywords, make a site more traffic. And sometimes according to the user to adjust the keywords, such as listening to music friends will search keywords: 2012 new songs, before 2012 have not come, may optimize the latest 2011 songs, we look at the trend of search keywords 2012 new songs:.

two, title website fine-tuning details to modify

, a fine adjustment of the details of website logo

revision and fine-tuning is different, the revision changes URL way and big structural modifications that call site, may cause a greater impact on the website, with minor adjustments for the website is generally not affected, and may even appear better rankings, analysis how to fine tune the website below to give users better experience:

logo it is a sign of a good logo website, can give users a good visual, allowing users to remember the website in a short period of time, the general site is not modify the logo, because it is a symbol of the own site; the fact that the site logo can also make minor adjustments can be fine tuned according to the change time, season or festival, such as this year is the year of the dragon, many sites of upregulation of logo added a dragon, it will let users feel that this is a high degree of trust website. In fact, has been on the A5 station network, also found that the logo made the appropriate changes, flying from the autumn to winter snow dove, and then to the peach blossom spring, is the A5 webmaster logo a slight adjustment, provides a better visual experience for the webmaster.

with the arrival of Valentine’s day, a lot of gifts from logo to adjust to attract users to buy gifts, rite long logo also with the symbol of Valentine’s day to the "sweet love" to the user.

search index, the keywords in the search volume soared, we can set the keywords in your web site title, provide the new demand for the user, in fact some kind the website is based on SMS blessing Festival is different and change the site TI >

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