Love Shanghai ranked big update time in the end there is no rules to follow

below to see the next group of love Shanghai website update time statistics 2011 January: love Shanghai a total of 4 big update, February: love in Shanghai there were 5 big update, March: love in Shanghai there were 4 big update, April: love in Shanghai there were 5 big update, May: love Shanghai total 4 big update, June: love in Shanghai there were 5 big update, July: love in Shanghai there were 5 big update, August: love in Shanghai there were 4 big update, September: love in Shanghai there were 7 big update, October: love in Shanghai there were 3 big update, November: love Shanghai a total of 3 times the average monthly update, probably love Shanghai will have 4.5 big update.

for these big update owners need not worry, love Shanghai search mechanism reform, change the mode of calculation. For example, love Shanghai included the page easier than before, visible love Shanghai search ranking algorithm is also in the adjustment, the site should be changed conveniently. But from the point of view of love Shanghai update for new sites included the time has been significantly shortened, for the new station should be a good thing. But also shorten the assessment does not mean shortening included. Many love Shanghai shows the desire to update the original content website, love Shanghai also hope to have more new sites can provide valuable original content to the user.


we do Shanghai dragon may have felt that the major search engines is love Shanghai more elusive, updated by surprise, the website ranking is not stable. So there are a lot of people would ask how long love Shanghai love Shanghai update? What time update

No. 15 at night, Shanghai love big update, included many websites is a lot of love is released, Shanghai included update time, of course may be more obvious or new.


first, focusing on Web user experience, including the value of content and readability, shadow removal.

for this year’s love Shanghai ranked big update to do some summary, I hope you can help.

from the beginning of November, may be affected by the "stations", love big sea update regularly, sometimes even a day update. We can see changes in their website, site:www.***贵族宝贝. Recently, in December this time love Shanghai has conducted some substantial update earlier this month when the number 3 many inspected website is being restored ranking, No. 8 and No. 9 were also relatively large-scale update, mainly Shanghai Longfeng more obvious signs of the station was punished severely. The sea even fall in love with the weight of 0, but also love Shanghai weight update time, there is a website and chain soared, parts of the site is k or site is not in the first place.

December 14th Shanghai was ranked and love night morning are not the same, 6:00 began to update at night. A big love Shanghai snapshot update time, many website snapshot update slow normal day.

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