Love Shanghai recent transformation to imitate or transcend

The difference of

love Shanghai image search and Google image search results in three different differences: find pictures click after the search results show love Shanghai picture, the picture is true to size, however, is placed on the left side of Shanghai love love Shanghai promotion advertising. The Google image search is not only display pictures, also display pictures in the source URL of the article, Google left the website shows the source of the picture, full size pictures and picture details.

love Shanghai image search and Google image search page one of the differences differences: love Shanghai image search page in the search box below the picture classification, such as beauty, fun funny, adorable pet, photography, tourism, delicacy, dress collocation, Home Furnishing decoration, creative design, animation and game. More than a hot category. Google map search page is just a simple search box, and Shanghai is the Regal isolationist, love delicate tips.

experienced 360 search challenges, love Shanghai finally mood.according quietly with small amplitude adjustment. Whether it is from the search results or from the love of Shanghai pictures, has been quietly changing face. 9.25, love Shanghai has a new look. However, after revision and Google pictures almost no difference. In addition to home page and the difference, picture pages are just some differences.

and similar is hovering over the picture that will become larger, have the relevant explanation.

love Shanghai image search and Google image search differences within two of page differences: love Shanghai image search pages covered the entire screen is the search results, such as search keywords, "beauty" love Shanghai is the result of the entire screen is full of beauty, while Google is in the right related tips, such as time, size, type, color. Love is the same imitation of Shanghai, more than just a screen button. The same is the mouse when the picture that love Shanghai shows: the title, size, size, source. Google tips is the title, source address, size. The difference is the title picture that love Shanghai has detailed text description, and Google just picture naming. Love Shanghai image search if the search related products, Shanghai will love at the top and bottom on the love of Shanghai bidding advertising and search keywords at the top and bottom advertising and search box with correlation.

love Shanghai image search and Google image search: 1. page 2. page 3. the difference difference between

love Shanghai image search and Google image search and similar, you will find that the Internet is to imitate each other, mutual improvement, whether it is love or love to imitate Google Shanghai, Shanghai want to create super >

love Shanghai image search imitation Google, remove the love of Shanghai original page, scroll automatically loaded into user page, eliminating the step. Load the page, can also manually click "upload more pictures" to continue loading. This is similar with Google.

The difference of

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