Micro-blog search engine marketing in Shanghai dragon ranking Zaiyu cold storm

is in the above screenshot, the binary keyword search "Shanghai Phoenix software" found the results. Find what is different? Tencent micro-blog keyword appeared in the home page, and pages with hyperlinks. Webmaster, Shanghai dragon Er hard to do a keyword optimization, only desirable home page ranking, this is why micro-blog occupy a point? Thus: micro-blog marketing into the search engine, no doubt for the pressure of website optimization again added a pressure, it can be said that the Shanghai Phoenix ranking again by the storm. Then, the "micro-blog marketing" appeared in the website ranking, and what are some of the highlights? Perhaps through these phenomena, the owners took a lot of shortcuts in the development of the website:

B: micro-blog "hyperlinks", a hyperlink is also called after conversion link, such links because of the synchronization of authorization station". A piece of information available on other sites, will be synchronized. If the sync website repeated keywords, whether will produce a large number of "micro-blog ranking"? And hyperlinks can guide an user to click into the website "".

figure, this time to participate in the micro-blog keyword ranking: the Tencent, NetEase, Sohu, it is puzzled why the biggest "Sina" is not one of them? Of course, this is not our concern. But in addition, owners also observed the feasibility and advantages of hyperlink analysis and text links.

A: micro-blog released micro-blog direct link address is displayed text links, even if the link appears to "search engine home", how many users click? It is not conducive to directly increase. But he has another point advantage: whether it can be regarded as a chain? Since the search engine index page and display the results, it should be regarded as a chain, and a high weight of chain.

webmaster, if you remember the love of Shanghai in a period of time the Sohu micro-blog keyword ranking "disguised phenomenon? Although this benefit did not last long have been eroded away, but is a benefit for many people is a fact. Today, micro-blog marketing methods to convey love Shanghai:

finally, binary network / He Guijiang (贵族宝贝w.mmmrw贵族宝贝/) said: the search engine to micro-blog keywords ranking, can be said to be a storm in Shanghai dragon optimization, but did not master a chance? Do the key word optimization in disguise, may not be feasible.

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