7 ways of self marketing for inward entrepreneurs

lead: are you an introvert, share your ideas and not your expertise with others, nor your innate ability. If all of us need to do self marketing, what about introverts?

you want to tell your thoughts and ideas to the world.

your idea has been in your mind for a long time, you have been waiting patiently, listening to others’ ideas, recording and research. But you just don’t know how to express yourself.

you want everyone to hear your voice, but you don’t dare to open your mouth and express yourself in public.

so you start to study, hoping to find a solution by reading. You read a lot about self promotion and marketing of the book, you find that these books are very interesting, but these methods presented are not suitable for you, can you share your idea and firm the confidence of others. The function of reading is different from what you originally thought.

sharing, talking, putting ourselves under the spotlight requires great courage and energy. Most of the time, we will begin to think of these sense of fear and tension, and then silently in my heart said to myself: "well, or use the time and energy to his work silently well." And you are an introvert, sharing your ideas with others is not your expertise, nor is it your innate ability. This will make you feel very uncomfortable, when you stand under the watchful eyes of the people, you will have a thorn in the side of the feeling.

so introverted entrepreneurs can not self marketing? If all people need to self marketing, introverted people how to do this work?

about me

a lot of people think I’m a very outgoing person, because I have a lot of people who are embarrassed or shy in front of people. In fact, I am a more biased than introverted person, I will be in alone more comfortable and easier access to energy — whether at work or rest, I love myself more.

if I could choose, I would choose to swim in my own space every day. I am longing for such work and the way of life, I want a person to stay in the woods, I only thought I (with a powerful and unconstrained style can best take a camera). When I was in the middle of a group of people, I was usually very quiet and didn’t talk much, but it wasn’t because I was nervous.

I do not speak in front of people, because I prefer to be in the crowd in the quiet, immersed in their own ideas. So unless someone encourages me to speak or let me express my opinion, I rarely express myself. And if someone encourages me to speak, or I am very interested in the current topic, I am completely

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